Bayern: the Alps' pearl

I have been in Germany in april as an Austauschschülerin (exchange student). This was a project of my school that is twinned with a German school. I have been hosted by a very kind German family for a week in their house, which was in a little town called Bad Aibling located in the southern region of Germany: Bayern or Bavaria in english. In Bad Aibling you can find a beautiful spa, as you can understand from the word Bad meaning hot baths and it is situated on the river Mangfall, 35 miles southeast of Munich. This project was very useful for me because I could practice and improve my german and I could come in contact with german culture and lifestyle. My german family was very kind towards me, they also cooked for me italian food and let me taste typical bavarian meat. I must say that it was really tasty, german food is not that bad after all. The last day, when I had to leave, the mother hugged me very tightly and this schocked me because Germans are famous for being cold and emotionless but this shows that this is only a stereotype.

bad aibling

bad aibling

The river Mangfall in Bad Aibling: this river is quite popular among the inhabitants of Bad Aibling, some of them also bathed there during summer. My german friend brought me there in a sunny day, it was very peaceful and I liked it very much. After a while a friend of my german partner came and despite the cold (after it was only april) he bathed in the river!! I was shocked, I cannot even bathe in the sea when it is 40° outside ahaha


This is the school that my friends and I attended for a week, it was really well-ordered and much bigger than mine. There are a lot of classrooms since in german schools students must move to a classroom to one another, not teachers like it happens here in Italy. We met also the principal that came to welcome us, he was very nice and spoke a very good Italian.

My classmates and I with our teachers visited München (Munich), I really liked the city! It is the typical German city with those cool peaked roof buildings. The city is located on the river Isar, north of the Bavarian Alps and it is the largest city in Germany behind Berlin and Hamburg. The city’s motto is “München mag dich” (Munich loves you). Its name derives from the old High German “Munichen” meaning “by the monks’ place”.
This is the square where the young people go in the evening. Our guide said that the people choose a place and sit down on the floor there until they want to. The square was pretty big and left me a bit confused at the beginning.

Aviary Photo_130336932934361440
This is Neues Rathaus located in Marienplazt. Every day at 11 a.m. it chimes two stories of the 16th century to the mass under the church. The show lasts more or less between 12 and 15 minutes, it depends on which tune it plays. Me and my friends succeeded in attending this nice show thanks to our guide who knew the exact hour and time and suggest us to see it because it is really a nice attraction.

This is das neues Rathaus (the town hall) of Munich, it has been built in XIX century by the Austro-German Georg von Hauberrisser, this building is characterized by a tower with a clock that is one of the biggest carillion in the world.

This is inside the Hofbräuhäuser, the most famous beer house in Munich and probably in all over the world. There were some girls who also were wearing the traditional bavarian dresses that I love. I wanted to buy one of those dresses as a memento of this trip but infortunately the prices are very expensive. My german family said that the cheapest one costs 80€ but it is not worth it because it is bad-designed and if I want to buy a nice bavarian dress I should at least spend 150€….so I gave up

Aviary Photo_130336940896465556


This is St. Kajetan’s church but more known with the name Theatinerkirche. It’s located in the city center, in Odeonsplazt and its architectural style is baroque. The project was inspired to the Sant’Andrea della Valle’s church in Rome and entrusted to Enrico Zuccalli that added bell tower even if they were not expected in the initial project but the works were not finished yet so the last part was completed by François de Cuvilliés. This church is very photogenic, we took a lot of photos ahahaha



In the Odeonsplatz next to the Theatinerkirche there’s the Feldherrnhalle built by Friedrich von Gärtner on behalf of Ludwig I. This building is inspired to the “Loggia della Signoria” in Florence. When I saw the Feldherrnhalle I thought I have seen something similar somewhere and then our guide cleared up my doubt.

That building in the photo is the Altes Rathaus (the old Town Hall) built by Jörg von Halsbach,the same person who designed the Frauenkirche, another beautiful church in Munich. From 1983 it hosts the Spielzeugmuseum (museum of toys) which exposes dolls’ houses, little cars and the story of barbie, I think that my brother could have liked it. Personally I really love the style of the Altes Rathaus, I like this building the most, it really reminds me of the typical nordic style.

altes rathaus



We had fun taking random photos of the city….

The guide told us everytime the inhabitants of Munich that pass in front of this lion, touch it because it brings luck, so according to the german tradition I touched it, I hope it will bring me happiness and luck ahah

Aviary Photo_130336935434023007
The day after we went to Rosenheim, a town located near Bad Aibling where my german friend always goes in order to do shopping and buy clothes. Here there are a lot of nice shops but I did not buy anything in particular since I’m not interested in spending my money on clothes, I prefer buying souvenirs when I’m abroad….my friends and I, after having visited some shops, sat in the central square and decided to buy a Bratwurst in a food stand there. I can say that it was really delicious, best bratwurst ever *^*



We visited also Regensburg, a city located in the central part of Bayern, on the Danube river, near its confluent Regen river. Regensburg’s cite center is a UNESCO world heritage site and if you visit it you will understand why it was added to the list of UNESCO. The city is wonderful but the weather was really bad, it rained and suddenly it started to snow even if it was april. By the way the city’s name can be translated as “the town of the rain“, I think it suits perfectly but in reality the name comes from the river Regen. The thing that I liked the most was Regensburger Dom (Regensburg’s Cathedral) that is a significant example of Gothich style in Bavaria and the historical youth choir’s seat of Regensburger Domspatzen. The town is worth of a visit because it’s really typical with those colorful and roof-peaked houses.







To enter the historical centre of the city, you must pass a bridge from where you can have a great sight of the city, the colorful houses are even more wonderful seen from here and you can see also the river that pass near Regensburg and the cathedral, which is the most impressive building in the town. In the city there were many Italian restaurants so my friends and I decided to give it a try to see if it was the real Italian food or not. We ordered some pizzas and a dish of pasta, they were quite good, it’s not like the pizza I eat in Italy but still good and better than pizzas cooked in France. We were impressed by the silence that there was in the restaurant, in italy there is such a chaos when you enter the restaurant, here the only ones that were chatting, were my friends and I ahahah

Although there was much cold, we managed to go around the city taking many photos, there were a lot of nice houses and in addition the town was very clean! It was a pity that we could not enjoy Regensburg to the full due to the weather but still, it’s one of the nicest towns that I’ve visited so far….

The day after we went to the Chiemsee a lake located near Munich. Inside the lake there are 2 islands, on the one called Herreninsel there’s an awesome castle which is inspired to the Versailles’ castle, we can call it the Bavarian Versailles!! But even this time the weather was really horrible, there was very cold and it rained…. The castle was very huge and furniture was made of gold, we were much impressed by the opulence of this place. The photos were forbidden inside but my friend managed to take some the same ahahah so enjoy them….








On the other island called Fraueninsel, there were some churches and it is more inhabitated than Herreninsel in fact we also saw some houses on this island and they were really nice. I think it would be nice to live on this island because it’s peaceful and beatiful but also uncomfortable, you should always take a ferry to arrive to the mainland if you want to buy something or simply go to school.

There were also 2 beautiful swans on the island, we were lucky to see them and this was even my first time. My friend tried to feed it but we were a bit afraid that it could harm us so we stay at a certain distance from it.


This trip was my first time in Germany and I really enjoyed it,we visited so many places theere and I can say that I really liked all of them! I’d like to visit Germany again and see more and more cities, places etc It was a very beautiful experience for me and my friends, we lived with another family for a week, we had the possiblity to get to know a new culture and new people! We got all fond of our german friends and families and I hope they will return Italy once so that we can stay all together again!

Fede with the help of Marina 😉

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First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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  1. Hi there again! I just wonder about the two pictures of the inside of a rococo church in Regensburg (?) just above those of Regensburg’s cathedral. Do you happen to know which church they belong to? I can’t recall any rococo church in Regensburg. And apart from that: It’s really amazing how much you’ve seen in Germany!

    1. I really do not recall bcause it has been a longtime I had that trip something like 4 years ago ahaha I still was a real beginner at that time so I guess I made some mistakes ç_ç I will research a bit later. Yeah, I have been travelling in germany these recent years and I enjoy everything I visited! I hope to visit more, next time I would like to see Luebeck and the whole Schleswig-Holstein :3

      1. You make me blush, because you’ve seen more of Germany than I have ever done. Well, that’s probably the difference between a “resident” and being a “visitor”. I have a hard time maintaining my “visitor”-approach to things in Japan, after so many years spent here.
        No wonder, I’m always happy to read your travel reports. Looking forward to the next one.

        1. Oh my god, you really make me happy saying all this good things! I really appreciate also your corrections! Always tell me when I write something wrong, I do not want to give wrong information to my reades and still I’m a beginner, I appreciate your support! Well, yeah I agree with you! I saw more Germany than Italy, just like you xD I have never been to South Italy for example but at the same time I visited Berlin and Tokyo! I have a lot of articles to publish, in these days I am very creative so stay tuned 😀 thanks for the support

  2. Speaking of the South of Italy: I LOVED Tropea in Calabria and (naturally) Taormina on Sicily… Unfortunately, they would look rather strange on my Japan-blog….

    1. Oh really? you have been there? I watched some documentaries and saw a lot of photos online, I would like to visit too! Ahahha well that is true but one day I would like to read some of your posts about italy and other places 🙂 I like your detailed styles of writing posts

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