The Peaceful San Marino

Last year in may, my parents gave me as a present for my birthday a trip to San Marino and Rimini. that I wanted to visit so badly. San Marino is a sovereign state located between Emilia Romagna and Marche, inside Italy. This small place is from 2008 a UNESCO world heritage site due to the witness of a free republic’s continuity from medieval period. The offical language is Italian and the capital is Città di San Marino.

There are 3 castles in San Marino. The first one is called Guaita or Prima Torre (First Tower) and is the oldest and most famous of the three towers. The Guaita fotress served also as a prison for a short period of time. The second one is called De La Fratta and overlooks the whole San Marino, the third one, Montale, is the smallest and it was built in the 14th century. The castles were really beautiful and worth being visited but the tickets’ price was really expensive! We, infact, visited only one. Inside the castles you can see a lot of medieval weapons such as cannons, lances, guns etc etc

Located on Piazza della Libertà (Liberty Square) there’s the Palazzo del Governo (government’s palace) where official State ceremonies take place and it’s the seat of the Republic’s main institutional and administrative bodies.


The Basilica di San Marino (Church of San Marino) is the main church of the country and it’s sacred to the city’s and country’s patron saint and is located on Domus Plebis square. Its architectual style is neoclassical.

Around the city of San Marino you can find a lot of nice souvenir shops and an awesome restaurant with a stunning view. There are also several museums and among them one was really peculiar: it was aboit werewolves and vampires!!

I suggest you all to visit this little country but I warn you: you must walk much there since the city is located on a hill but it is worth it, the view is awesome up there and it seems to be turned back in the past, in the medieval periodthanks to all those wonderful castles.

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  1. It’s great in the winter. We went during a rainstorm and had the entire place to ourselves with no tourists at all…

    1. wow it had to be a very nice experience!! I went there in summer and there were a lot of tourists so I could not enjoy San Marino as much as you >/< but it was still beautiful 🙂

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