Slovenia an unexplored but beautiful country in Europe

2 years ago my grandparents and I went to Slovenia, a little country that was part of Ex-Yugoslavia and got its indipendence in 1991 after many years of war. Slovenia borders on Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. We stayed there for 2 days, infact the trip was really tiring since the distance between where I live and Slovenia is, more or less, 8 hours and imagine a 8 hours trip in a day, it is not that relaxing.

Some information about Ljubljana

We visited Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Even if it is the capital, it is relatively small but very clean, well-ordered and nice. Slovenia was under the AustroHungarian Empire some centuries ago and many palaces take up the architectural style of Vienna and other Austrian cities. Ljubljana is also one of the most chosen European cities for Erasmus, a project for university students that allow them to study, live and work in European country on choice. If you visit the city during the week, you can see many students around but unfortunately I was there on sunday. This is the university: Univerza v Ljubljani. It is located in front of a big park, not very far away from the city centre, that can be reached by foot.


Slovenian language

During our visit in Ljubljana we have an Italian guide who married a woman from here, he can speak Slovenian and told us a lot of informations about this country and its culture. He said that Slovenian is a very difficult language because of its grammar, for example it has 6 declesions and besides this even the pronunciation is hard as there are some tones that neither in English nor in Italian exist. When Slovenia was under Yugoslavia rules its language was considered merely a dialect and was spoken only by the poor people and countrymen so it was not taught in the schools and people started to forget it. Luckily nowadays Slovenian, even if it is not spoken by many people, is still an alive language. I think that it is never good when a language disappears because we lose a part of our heritage…

What to see in Ljubljana


A river called Ljubljanica goes through the city and gives the name to the capital, we can, indeed, see the similiarity between the 2 names. The river is clean and there are several bridges that lead people from a part to one another.
slovenia 1

Frančiškanska Cerkev

The Frančiškanska Cerkev Marijinega Oznanjenja (Franciscan Church of the Annunciation) is located on Prešeren Square. It has been built between 1646 and 1660 in Baroque style and its red colour is a symbol of the franciscan monastic order. While walking our guide told us other curiosities about Slovenian people. He said that they’re verysportsman, they like trekking and Slovenia is the country that has the major numbers of golden medal in relation to its population.

Zmajski Most

The most important bridge is Zmajski Most (dragon bridge), if you look at the photo, you can see that there are 2 dragons on the bridge, they’re considered the symbol of Ljubljana. They’re even represented on the city’s flag and on the manholes. The bridge on the other photo is called Vodnik Tromostovje (the triple bridge) where couples use to put locks that symbolize their love like on Ponte Milvio in Italy. It has been built to replace the old medieval bridge made of wood.


Stolnica Svetega Nikolaja

This is the entrance of Stolnica Svetega Nikolaja (the cathedral of Saint Nicholas) the only cathedral in Ljubljana and it’s located on the square near Vodnik Tromostovje. At the beginning the place was occupied by a church in Romanic style but then a fire destroyed it so it was built in Gothic style. The church was really beautiful and it was made of gold. I tried to take some photos but it was difficult since inside there was dark and the photos are a bit blurred…

Mestni Trg

This is the Mestni trg  (Town Square), the major square in Ljubljana where people are used to gather. Here there’s the town hall and in front of it stands a copy of Robba fountain, the one that is located in Piazza Navona in Rome. When we arrived here there was a marriage and a photographer was taking some photos of the bride and the groom in the centre of the square. Even us wanted to congratulate on them and we tried to make them understand that we wanted to wish them a happy and long marriage.


This is the Ljubljanska Mestna Hiša (the town hall) and it’s the seat of the City Municipality of Ljubljana.
Some photos of the city that show how much the city was clean and peaceful! I was really impressed by the quietness of Ljubljana but the city changes face during night when a lot of people get drunk. We had also the “honour” to encounter some drunk people in the streets by night ahaha Our guide told us that in Slovenia, they’re heavy-drinkers and there is even a high number of suicides.

This is a luxurious hotel in the center of the city and this is definitely not the hotel where I was housed ahaha xD

Postojna the town of the caves

After having visited Ljubljana, we went to Postojna, a little town located in the middle of a karst area and near beatiful caves, Postojnska Jama, that are one of the touristic attractions of Slovenia! I could not take photos of the cave because there was really dark and then my camera ran down…. I have only some photos of Postojna but they’re not so nice, I took them from the bus and then we did not have the possiblity to visit the little town, we only entered the caves. The caves were just beautiful even if inside there was much cold and it often fell drops of water on your head. The stalactites took many different shapes through the time, some of them looked like castles or flowers and so on, as long as you have imagination, you can see in them a lot of things ahaha

According to me Slovenia is really nice and worth being visited, even if it’s small country, it has a lot of interesting things to see. When I went there, in september, there was still very very hot so don’t be afraid, it is not a very cold place (perhaps).


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