In the deep north of Italy: Vipiteno and a piece of Austria: Innsbruck

Last year my family and I went for 3 days to Vipiteno or Sterzing in German, a town located in northern part of Italy. Before this area was part of the austrian region Tirol so that’s why the town has 2 names: one in German and one in Italian. The town was really nice with those colorful houses and a truly christmas atmosphere but it was very cold. We are not used to this freezing weather since we live more in the south but we beared it and we went around the same. Luckily we brought with us heavy clothes, they have been really useful. In that period in Vipiteno you can find Weihnachtsmärkte (christmas markets) where there are stands which sell many nice things related to christmas such as christmas tree ornaments or crib figurines.

After having seen our room in the hotel we went around the town. I personally loved these colorful houses, they make me happy. During the christmas period in Vipiteno some buidings have a number on their windows from 1 to 25, they represent the Advent calender and every day the inhabitants open one. We attended the opening of one of those numbers, so nice. There was also a carriage that brought people around, it was a lovely and innovative idea and I bet that the person who owns this carriage earns much, especially during christmas.

In the evening we visited the town, I can say it was really suggestive and there was a real christmas atmosphere. Vipiteno is little but lively, there were many people on the streets walking and buying in the christmas stands. In this area of Italy you can hear people speaking both German and Italian, they are mixed together. When I was there, I often heard parents speaking to their children in German and children replying them in Italian, it was so funny!

This is the little weihnachtsmarkt in Vipiteno, here I bought my souvenirs for my friends and family, the stands are full of nice stuff all related to christmas. My mother wanted to buy all but the things there are not that cheap, they’re mainly homemade.

This was the Zwölferturm, the symbol of Vipiteno. You can visit inside but we did not because we were more interested in visiting the city ahaha

The day after we went to Innsbruck, a big city located in the middle of Austria. Only my mother, my brother and I went there because my father got sick. Without my father we were disorientated, he’s the one who always knows where to go, in fact we also lost ourselves in the city, even if we had the satellite navigation system ahahah We wasted our time on finding the Weichnachstmarkt but at the end we did not find it and since it was a bit late we had to go away. Despite this inconvenient I had the chance to visit some little villages in the middle of nowhere, on the road to Innsbruck and that’s enough for me.

This is a little village where we stopped by for a while. It was too nice and we wanted to see it. I think that the name of this village is Matrei am Brenner. It is such a cute place!

We finally reached Innsbruck after 1 hour and we wandered around for about a half hour without finding the Weihnachtsmarkt. I asked for the indications as well. My mother stopped all people on the street and asked them where the Weihnachstmarkt was but none of them was able to speak Italian so I started speaking in German. The person understood what I said but I did not understand her because she spoke too fast so we decided to come back. Anyway I returned to Innsbruck another time and this time I had the chance to see the Weihnachtsmarkt and to take a lot of photos. In Innsburck there were a lot of tourists especially from Italy, who were wandering around looking at the christmas stands, the weather as usual was very cold but still bearable.

We also saw the Hofburg (imperial castle), at first we wondered what kind of building was it since it was very huge and imposing, it reminded me of a parliament or something like that but then we discovered by reading a sign, that it was the imperial castle of the Austrian royal family. The Hofburg’s history is ancient: it has been built in the medieval period and it changed aspect and fucntion until it became the royal family’s residence.

This time I managed to find the Goldenes Dachl (the golden roof) located in the historical centre of the city, it’s considered the symbol of Innsbruck. The Golden Roof is an Erker (bay window) all made of gold and it has been built in 1420 as Tirol earl’s residence.

I really enjoed this trip, I could see many nice things such as christmas market and northern cities, this was my first time in Austria! Next time I hope my father won’t get sick, this was the only bad thing of this trip. I’m looking forward to making more trips with my family.


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