A New Adventure In Fredericia

My Denmark, I miss it so much! I visited this lovely country last september with my school. It was an exchange programme like the one I had in Germany and whose I talked about in this article: Bayern. I was hosted by a Danish family for one week and while I was there, I attended a Danish high school. Danish high schools are so modern! I mean everyone uses a computer, notebooks are already a thing from stone age unlike in Italy where computers and phones are prohibited in the schools. Moreover Danish students can go out of the classroom whenever they want and teachers do not tell them anything. A school like this is the paradise for me, in Italy you cannot even go to the bathroom during lessons.

But let’s return to my trip! When I arrived, my Danish family welcomed me very warmly and prepared for me a great danish meal. They waited me before eating, so kind of them! I also talked with my Danish friend a lot that evening and then I went to sleep because I was very tired from the trip: I took the bus in La Spezia and reached Bergamo where I took the plane to Billund and then I took another bus from Billund to Fredericia. Pretty long trip, isn’t it?! We were all supposed to live in Fredericia (yes this city’s name looks like mine a lot), even though I did not live there but in a nearby town called Skærbæk. Yeah it seems hard to pronounce but it is not that complicated: æ is pronounced E and the R is rolled a lot. Actually there are 2 Skærbæks in Denmark: one near German border and the other one near Fredericia, where I was housed. Skærbæk is a very small town, more like a village, with a tiny industrial port. It was more like a residential area, there were many big houses with beautiful gardens. From my danish friend’s house I could see the sea and the sunset was wonderful there! I was in the middle of nature. Another thing to say: in Denmark you cannot find a mount or a hill at all, it is all flat. This annoyed me a little at first but then I got used to it.

One evening my Danish family brought me around Skærbæk and showed me the typical Danish beaches: they are white and sandy with a lot of dead jellyfishes ahah And then they told me that Fredericia is just in front of Fyn, the region located in the middle of Denmark.

The day after, Danish teachers told us much interesting information about Fredericia. This town is not big, it is more or less like my city but much more lively and full of energy. Fredericia is an industrial port, here there are mainly cargos, but now the situation is changing. They want to modernize the town and destroy the old and ugly industrial part in order to build a new part filled with restaurants, pubs and cafés. They also want to add canals to make the town more picturesque imitating Venice’s model. Fredericia is surrounded by rampants, which were built by Christian IV in order to protect the city from the enemies’ attacks. A Swedish general succeded in invanding Jutland and was able to break through these strong rampants. This fortification was boosted by the king Frederik III so that nobody could not enter the city anymore. The town has a big park where families but also pupils are used to gather. While walking around, we found a group of children with teachers that were presumably studying history. They were wearing old clothes and using old fake weapons such as bows. The Danish teacher with us said that they’re experimenting a new way of teaching. In the park there is a statue named Landsoldaten (Foot Soldier) that pays homage to the soldiers died in wars. The city owes its name to its founder King Frederik III.

To be continued…

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First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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