A Weird Museum And Danish Beaches

Trapholt Museum

When in the evening I returned home, my Danish family made for me a special Danish dinner, everything was Danish! I loved the sauce that my Danish friend’s father made! The word delicious cannot even describe its taste, I fell in love with that sauce xD I’d like to cook it again but the problem is that I do not even know the name of the dish… Throughout the week we had other trips: one was to Kolding, a town well-known in Denmark for its furniture museum: the Trapholt. I must say the truth, this museum is a bit weird, I mean I have never seen a museum about furniture before but you must be aware that Danes are much proud of theirs. Their houses are perfecly furnished, in every detail! At that time in Tropholt Museum there was also a collection of famous singers’ photos such as Beatles or Amy Winehouse displayed on a wall and modern art exhbitions. In Denmark art is very important, you find it everywhere, even in the school we attended there were many pictures and sculptures made by Danish artists.

Some Information About Kolding

In Kolding you can also find Koldinghus which is a former royal castle built in 13th century by king Eric Klipping. Nowadays it is not used by royalty anymore but it hosts art exhibitions and such. It is very nice because it is located on a hill overlooking a beautiful lake, it is a picturesque place. In this castle you can find a lot of modern but much weird art exhibitions and there is also a room where many Danish traditional clothes were displayed. They are mainly for children and used by the actors to play. Kolding is not a big city, it is relatively small but it seems very cozy and livable, there are several pubs and cafés and then a beautiful church known as Sankt Nikolai Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was built in the 13th century.

Danish Beaches

Besides the trips, we also made friends with many danish guys and girls. One of the Danes invited us all to his house together with our Danish friends and we had a great party all together eating Danish food and listening to Danish music. Some of my friends even performed, they sang an Italian song in front of our Danish friends. It was so hilarious xD By the way I fell in love with Danish cakes and biscuits, I miss them so much now! After our dinner we went to the beach and took a stroll there together.

To be continued…

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