The Cold Copenhagen

Den Lille Havfrue

On thursday the Danish school brougth us to visit the capital of Denmark: København! We were all excited to visit this beautiful city! I wanted to see all the monuments and the main points of interest while my friend wanted to do shopping, we’re totally opposite. First of all we stopped to admire Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) but to be honest it was not that beautiful, it was just a normal statue. My Danish family told me not to except too much from it though. The statue is inspired by the famous The Little Mermaid’s tale written by Christian Andersen but the real story differs a lot from the Disney version, I do not want to spoil anything so if you’re interested, just google it xD

Amalienborg Palace

Then we proceeded towards the Danish capital all excited to see how it looked like! When we got off the bus we soon visited the Amalienborg Palace, the official royal residence. One of Danish guys told me everything about Royal family’s members but I cannot remember anything ç_ç The complex is composed of 4 Rococo palaces and in the square’s center there is an equestrian monument of the King Frederik V (god ,all the kings have the same name). We also witnessed to the change of the guards just like it occured in London.

Nyhavn And Rundetarn

Then we visited the beautiful and picturesque Nyhavn, the most known place in Copenhagen that appears in all travel books. Here there is also the house where the writer Christian Andersen lived.

The best place to see Copenhagen from above is the Rundetårn which was built in the 1600th century and at the beginning it was used as astronomical observatory. The only problem is that there is only a very long way to go up and it has spiral form, when you reached the top, you feel a bit dizzy but it is worth it because the view up there is superb.

Strolling Around In Copenhagen

We also passed by the Royal Theatre and went into Strøget, which is the main street for shopping in Copenhagen. My friend wanted to go there badly in order to do shopping but we ended up eating ahaha We ate Arabian, Chinese and Italian food, I can say we enjoyed our time there :,) We also bought a lot of gifts and a beautiful Danish flag which I displayed in my room. We did not have much time to go around Copenhagen, for this reason we did not see much but just the shopping street. That’s a real pity because this city is full of monuments and beautiful ancient buildings that were worth seeing! I hope to come back here one day and explore Copenhagen more 😉

Danish Parliament

Our last destination in Copenhagen was the Danish Parliament. Before entering we had to be subjected to some checkings to make sure that we did not hide bombs or dangeours weapons. We had a guide that told us a lot about Denmark and its political system. You must know that Denmark owns also the Far Oer Islands and Greenland even though they are partly indipendent. Moreover Denmark is divided into 3 big regions: Jutland, the mainland, Fyn, the island in the middle and Sjælland, the last island on the right where the capital city can be found. Then he told us some curiosities: once a woman entered the Parliament with some chickens hidden and she set them free, when a meeting had been helding by the politicians, to protest xD We laughed so much at this story! Now that woman is a member of the Danish Parliament.

To be continued…

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  1. I would love to go to Denmark. Your posts have given me a good tour. Thank you. I can tell you one thing about the royal family. The Crown Princess (Mary) was born in Australia. We love her over here in Aus. As I believe the Danes love her.

    1. I am happy you enjoyed my articles about Denmark 😉 yeah, make sure to visit this nice northern european country, it is worth it but it is a bit expensive. If you go, visit Ribe, my favourite city 😉 oh really?! wow I really did not know, this is very interesting :O

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