The Story Teller Anderson And His Hometown Odense

Like it happened in Germany, even here I experienced a typical Danish party where everyone got drunk and so on. One of the Italian girls, who was very drunk, even threw at me a glass of water; I was wet and I was freezing out there D: In spite of everything I had fun even if I did not drink at all because I could get to see drunk danes: they are really friendly when they are unpacked.

The last 2 days I had to stay with my Danish family and they showed me a lot of beautiful places! I really enjoyed the time spent with them. On saturday we went to visit Odense, the third biggest city in Denmark and Christian Andersen’s birthplace. It is said that name comes from the main and the most important norse God: Odin.

This city is very lovely and cozy, there are 2 beautiful churches: one is Catholic and one is Protestant in Gothic style. Odense hosts a university, the one that my Danish friend’s mother attended. This is the place where she met her husband, she told me the whole story 🙂 Here I bought 2 very tasty Danish pastries, I do not know their names but the only thing I know is that they were filled with a tasty cream :3

We also went to visit Christian Andersen’s Museum where the room and the belogings of Andersen were displayed. It was written everything in 2 languages: Danish and English and there was a vast collection of Andersen’s book in every language, even in Japanese. Andersen was born to a very poor family in the roughest district of Odense. He was much taller for that time’s standard and he had big hands, despite this he was able to make beautiful paper sculptures. Later he moved to Copenhagen and lived in Nyhavn for 18 years.

To be continued…

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