The Coastal Town Esbjerg And The Ancient Ribe

The last day they showed me Esbjerg located on the coast overlooking the North Sea, pretty near the German border. This town hugs the coast of Fanø Island where my Danish family wanted to go but the tides did not allow us to do so for this reason we just wandering around. We followed the street whcih leads to the island and then when we reached the final point, we had to stop because it was under water.

What a pity, I have always wished to see a North Sea island 🙁 Esbjerg was found in 1800 to replace the Altona’s Port. Nowadays it is an important industrial port where several Danish companies like Maersk have their activities. It is also a very well-known tourist destination during summer for its beautiful and long sandy beach. Here we visited an aquarium which displayed many kinds of fish that live in the North Sea, it was very interesting! I got to see some seals that wanted to play with us and I learnt more about the life on the North Sea in the past; they used to make heavy coats with wool and women’s hair, that was pretty creepy!

Afterwards we went to the beach and we took photos with 2 big statues that reminded me of the ones on Easter Island. There were also some people windsurfing there so we stopped for a while to watch them.

My last destination in Denmark was the picturesque town of Ribe, located just under Esbjerg. Ribe looks like a lot Sigtuna but I like this city the best xD It is very old, its foundation dated to 700. The name comes from the ancient Danish Ripa meaning River. In fact a river flows inside Ribe and there is a beautiful port that resembles Nyhavn, the one in Copenhagen but smaller. I consider Ribe as a little Copenhagen ahah The town has many ancient halftimbered houses, the oldest dated to 1496. Near the main square there was a house like this, really marvellous and totally twisted up! It was picturesque and suits the little town very well, I took more photos of that house than the whole Ribe.

You can also find a superb Cathedral which offers a beautiful view of this lovely town but you have to make your way through endless stairs and walk much before reaching the top of the tower. The works for the church started in the 1000th century and ended in 1200th century. In the cathedral you could also find traditional art mixed with modern art, it was a great combination.

The last day we packed our stuff and attended our last Danish lessons with the hope that we could come back here again one day. We were all really sad to leave our Danish friends and this beautiful country but we were also happy because they will come to Italy in march. I really hope we will have as much fun as we had in Denmark 😀 I really liked this flat country and I am happy I could meet such good people like my Danish family, I had a great time with them. That’s all folks :3


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