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In december I visited the beautiful and brightful city of Paris with my father and cousin, we decided to visit this place during christmas period to enjoy the magic atmosphere that this wonderful city can offer. Therefore I must say we just stayed here for 3 days and unfortunately we did not have much time to explore the city deeply, for this reason we just saw the main monuments but it was worth it because Paris oozes with history, at every corner you find something, which belongs to the past.

What to Visit in Paris in Three Days:

Notre-Dame de Paris


Our first step was the unavoidable Notre-Dame de Paris which was used as inspiration for a lot of movies and stories. It was said that a malformed and ugly man lived there, on the top of the tower but Notre-Dame is not famous only for this legend. The glass walls of this cathedral are well-known all over the world, they were really magnificent and imposing. The entrance is totally free and believe me, it is worth a visit! In front of the cathedral a beautiful christmas tree was standing out in the crowd, it suits the christmas atmosphere very well.

Quartier Latin and Panthéon

We proceeded walking and we passed over a bridge reaching the Quartier Latin, full of restaurants mainly foreign whose employee tried to draw our attention in every possible way. As supposed, we inevitably reached the Sorbonne, the most ancient university in France, founded by Robert de Sorbon in 1253 and where many famous people in the past studied such as Richelieu.

The Sorbonne went through many historical events: Napoleon made of the complex a place for artists while during the Third Republic it was renovated. Very close to the Sorbonne there was the beautiful Panthéon built in 1758 by Jacques Germain Soufflot based on the model of Rome’s Pantheon, that is Neoclassical style. Just in front of it there were several christmas tree and we sat here in order to rest a bit.

A weird alleway I found in the Quartier Latin, it means “Road of the fishing Cat “

Rue du Chat qui Peche
Rue du Chat qui Peche

Le Sacré-Cœur and Place des Artists

wanted to see the Sacré-Cœur very badly so as soon as we got ready, we went ahead to the metro and got in one of the many metro stops closer to the church. We exited the wrong metro stop and found ourselves in Goutte d’Or, the most cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic district in Paris where the majority of population does not have the french citizenship. From here we walked for a while before arriving to our appointed destination. You have to go up steep stairs and as soon as you get on the top, you have a stunning view of the entire city of Paris.

The church is also as beautiful as the panorama: it is all white and pretty much impotent. Sacré-Cœur, meaning Holy Heart in english, is located on a top of a hill known as Montmartre and it was built in 1873 when this place was nothing more than a simple small village. On the right of the church there is a lovely road that leads you to Place de Tertre where artists display their pictures or ask you if you want them to draw a picture of you.

Place de la Bastille


We also passed by the Place de la Bastille where a big prison used to rise in the past and hosted many famous criminals and intellectuals such as Voltaire or the Man in the Iron Mask, which was rumored to be Louis XIV’s twin brother but whose identity was never identified. It, later, became the symbol of French Revolution and was completely destroyed in a riot against French government. Now in the place of the prison, there is a monument that commemorates this important event that changed France forever.

How can you miss the Tour Eiffel?! By Night too…

Tour Eiffel sure is beautiful and imposing but it is nothing special, I thought it was much more beautiful, I have always seen it on TV and seeing it in reality disappointed me a little but in the night it is completely different! It is so bright and seems even taller. It also shines creating a beautiful effect. The Tour Eiffel was built in more than 2 years for the universal exposition of 1889 in order to celebrate the French Revolution’s anniversary by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who built the Liberty Statue.

In front of Tour Eiffel, just on the other side of the bridge, you can find a big garden named Trocadéro where a beautiful fountain rises up and you can have a beautiful view of the whole Tour Eiffel. This is the place I took my photos with Tour Eiffel after all :,) The name comes from a fight between Spanish army and French army in 1823 which took place in the spanish city of Cadiz.

Jardin des Tuileries


Another beautiful garden in Paris is Jardin des Tuileries located between Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde, one of the biggest square in the French capital. Catherine de Medici wanted this place to be a garden for Tuileries Palace and after the French Revolution it became a public park. It is soooo huge, it seems endless! It tooked at least 30 minutes for us to reach Place de la Concorde passing through here xD More or less, in the middle you can find a sort of pool with a lot of chairs around it. Then in the garden there are many statues, some of them were made by the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin.


Le Mur des Je t’Aimes and Moulin Rouge


Searching on internet I found a very nice and particular place to visit, that is Le Mur des Je t’aimes (The wall of I love yous). It is located near the Sacré Coeur and Moulin Rouge. It is a big blue wall where there is written “I love you” in all the languages, we even found the italian one. Much close to Le mur des Je t’aimes you can find the Moulin Rouge which is famous for its risqué shows. This local was, indeed, located in the red-light district of Pigalle.


Ile de Louis


Wandering around the city we found some nice but little shops hidden in some kinds of galleries, which reminded me a lot of Genoa. I really liked the miniatures of the house furniture, too cute <3 The shops displayed many ancient things and items but they were also much cheap. Afterwards we went on the small island called Ile de Louis, located in the middle of Paris, on the Seine.

Louvre Museum

Of course, we also saw the most visited and famous museum in the world, the Louvre but unfortunately we did not have the time to go inside and I regret this very much! I think one day I will come back only in order to visit the Louvre Museum because it is really worth a visit with all its beautiful art masterpieces. Louvre is really huge, we had hard times to find the entrance xD It was bigger than I expected, I did not like that pyramid but in reality it looks nicer than in photo. This imposing building was built in the 12th century under the Capestian dynasty but it was renewed several times throughout the centuries.




Galeries Lafayette for Shoppingholics

As good tourists, besides historical and historical monuments, we went to Galeries Lafayette, the biggest shopping centre in France. Inside the building is beautiful, it reminded me of a theatre and in the middle of the room there was a huge christmas tree-like thing, shining and colorful, which reached the ceiling. I was deeply impressed by that sort of christmas tree, I took so many photos of it xD In Galeries Lafayette there are are a lot of much expensive brands, the cheapest dress costs 200€ so you can imagine what kinds of prices I came across to…

Les Champs-Elysées


And finally Champs-Elysées, one of the most well-known street in the world: the name Champs-Elysées comes from Greek mythology, Elysian Fields, which was the name to designate the netherworld. At the beginning the Champs-Elysées were just normal fields but then in the 17th century Marie de Medici wanted to build here a long tree-lined boulevard which became later popular in the XVIII century, when Marie Antoinette used to have walks here with her friends. The Champs-Elysées extends from Place de la Concorde until the Arc de Triomphe, another beautiful piece of art which can be found in this romantic city.

I apologize for the bad quality, just showing the christmas lights

Arc de Triomphe

The Arch of Triumph is located in the centre of Place de l’étoile and was built and planned, at the request of Napoleon, by Jean Chalgrin, Louis-Robert Goust and Jean-Nicolas Huyot whose inspiration was The Arch of Titus in Roman Forum. The Arch is the second biggest in the world after the one built by Kim II Sung in North Korea. But let’s go back talking about Champs-Elysées. We went there in the night not only during the day, to enjoy the beautiful scenario and to breathe the real christmas atmosphere. We had a stroll here, after having had lunch, in order to admire the shining christmas lights put on the trees.

With these pictures I leave you all, I hope you liked my article about Paris 😀 And….yes these things are made of chocolate!!!


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