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Et voila my article about Salzburg, one of the biggest and most important in term of history and culture city in Austria. It is located on the banks of Salzach River and surrounded by the Alps. It is very close to German border, this the reason why in the past Salzburg was ruled by the Kingdom of Bavaria. The city is also known for its beautiful Italian-inspired baroque architecture. When we arrived there, the city was filled with brightful ornament which gives to the city an authentic christmas atmosphere. I could not avoid taking tons of photos of the historical centre which, by the way, is part of UNESCO world heritage.

Beautiful pictures you find around the city


Salzburg is also the hometown of Amadeus Mozart, the worldwide-famous musician. My friend and I found his house while wandering around :,) Well, it was impossible not to notice it, so yellow…

Mozart's house
Mozart’s house

And here we go, another Weihnachstmarkt where we inevitably spent our money! This time we ended up buying Bretzel, the typical bread eaten in Germany and Austria which I adore and other Austrian sweet food as gifts for our families left at home xD The Weihnachstmarkt surrounds the Salzburger Dom and takes up also the Residenzplatz. Salzburg’s cathedral was first built in romanesque but after various fires which ruined the cathedral very badly, the Prince-Bishop ordered to destroy the old building and build another one bigger and more beautiful. He was an admirer of Italian baroque architecture so he employs architects directly from Italy.

The city is divided into two parts by a bridge which offers a stunning view of Salzburg’s Castle and of the beautiful colorful houses. Even though the weather was bad and foggy, it even snowed, the panorama had a good impression on us and we took a lot of photos as usual.

This lovely street called Goldgasse (Golden Alleway) is located in the Altstadt (Old Town) and until 19th century it was called Milchgasse (Milk Alleway) but later the name was changed into the one we know because many people living here were goldsmiths.


On a mount just behind Salzburg you can surely spot a beautiful medieval castle called Festung Hohensalzburg in German, literally High Salzburg Fortress. The construction began in 1077 but was later expanded until it became a real castle surrounded by defensive walls in the 14th century. We wanted to visit it but we did not have enough time and it was pretty far away but we could enjoy the same its beautiful view.

I really liked this trip to Austria even if it was relatively short and had much fun with my friend trying weird food around Austria 😀


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