A perfect weekend in Munich

The next weekend we decided to go to Munich, the capital of Bayern and one of the biggest city in Germany. I have already been there two years ago but I missed many things and then I got the chance to take more and better photos than the last time I came here 🙂 We reached Munich by bus that left us near the train station where we took the metro for the city centre. We just popped up under the main landmark of Munich, the Neues Rathaus which was as imposing as always. The Neues Rathaus has also a beautiful carillon which offers tourists and locals a beautiful show. For more information Muenchen.

We took some photos under the Neues Rathaus and then we went to eat something in a bar nearby :3 We visited the old city centre and the Viktualienmarkt, the most famous market in Munich which takes place everyday near the Heilig-Geist-Kirche and St. Peter Kirche. There we saw some Germans wearing the traditional Bavarian clothes, I nearly died of laughs xD The Altes Rathaus was built in the XIV century but rebuilt in the XV century and now is seat to a toy museum.

We went then to the street of shopping where the girl with me bought a lot, she had to buy gifts for her whole family xD We passed by the Nationaltheater and the Residenz, where the kings of Bavaria lived in the past, reaching the famous Odeonsplatz where Hitler declared war on Russia. The square is very big and hosts the Theatinerkirche and the Feldherrnhalle which was built after the Loggia della Signoria in Florence.

At first we wanted to go to the Englischer Garten but we did not want to spend other money on tickets so we went by foot to the nearest park called Hofgarten which is just the south part of the Englischer Garten :3 We had a stroll there and relaxed under the sun all together 😀 The hofgarten was built in the XVII following the style of the so called Italian garden.

zao (85)
Real woman or Mannequin?!

And before leaving this charming city I wanted to take photos of Munich from the high and I found the right place: St. Peter Kirche. We just paid 2 euros and only one euro for people under 18 and climbed until we reached the top of the church. It was very tiring! My friend counted the number of stairs, sooo many! but I think it was totally worth it, the view over the city was just wonderful, I took sooo many photos up there *^*

To be continued….

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