Ferienjobber in Deutschland

Hello everyone, sorry for my long break but I had much to do in these months! I travelled a lot and I even worked for one month in the bavarian city of Bayreuth.


Bayreuth is located in Oberfranken one of the seven districts in which Bavaria is divided and it borders with Sachsen and Thueringen, other two german States.

Bayreuth is the capital of Oberfranken but the biggest city in Bavaria is Muenchen, also known for its strong football team. While working here, I lived in a hostel provided by German government with other people from different Europen countries like french and czech people. I reached Bayreuth by bus with other italians I did not know at all before but we got good friends during this beauiful experience.

My Job In Germany

I was a librarian and worked with an italian girl and my duty was to tidy up the books in the whole library which was composed of 4 floors. It sounds easy but I really had much work to do and I was terribly tired after my work also because I started at 8.30 and ended at 17.00 in the afternoon. Luckily I had friday, saturday and sunday free 😀 In the weekeend we usually travelled to other german cities.

What To See In Bayreuth:

But first we explored Bayreuth and got to know it so well that I could be your guide now ahah 🙂 Bayreuth is not very big and is easy to navigate. There are some points of interest like the Neues Schloss, the Stadtkirche, the main square and the opera theatre. Ah I forgot Bayreuth is also famous for giving birth to the famous German musician Wagner.


This city ,indeed, attracts many opera lovers from all over the world and most of them are very wealthy. In the evening I could sometimes spot some wandering in the city and their dresses reminded me of those princesses in the 18th century. Furthermore a ticket to attend a Wagner concert is 500 euros!

The Stadtkirche was the main church in the city and was pretty big compared to the size of Bayreuth. It is hidden in the medieval alleyways that make up Bayreuth and is quite picturesque. Spitalkirche is a much smaller church but very nice, especially during sunset.

Neues Schloss

I also loved the lovely and picturesque alleways of Bayreuth *^* German cities make me feel like living in a fairytale!

I got the chance to work in Germany because my city, La Spezia, is twinned with Bayreuth and the two cities entertain good relationships since many years. Germany offered 4 students from La Spezia to work here for one month and, of course, get money for the effort done.

The city of Bayreuth even dedicated a square to my city called, indeed, La-Spezia-Platz (La Spezia’s Square). We spent an entire day to search for it and then I found it by chance the day after :,) I really like that place, there are some nice restaurants, a nice park and a small river 😀 We used to go there in the evening to get some ice creams ahah

On the main square, where the most part of restaurants and bars were located, there was the Maibaum which is a feature typical of germanic folklore. Maibaum is not something just German but can be found throughout Northern europe – Sweden, Denmark, etc – and had a precise role.

the Maibaum

During some important feasts that took place in small towns and villages, the Maibaum was used to play games: who reached first the top of the “tree” won. Normally the prizes were the food that they used to hang at the top. I read this somewhere on internet :,) On the Maibaum you could see names of works in german like Metzger (Butcher), Schlosser (key maker) etc



Near Bayreuth you can find a beautiful place called Eremitage which was founded in 1600 by a noble as his hunting reserve but later changed into a summer residence by the count Georg Wilhelm: a Sommerschloesschen (nowadays called Altes Schloss), the fountain and other buildings were built.

We got there by bus in the afternoon and I must say we enjoyed walking there! The landscape was just idyllic :3 We also saw a German marriage, there were people weaing the typical bavarian dress called Dirndl. I really suggest you to come here if you are visiting Bayreuth because the place is really beautiful.


To be continued….

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