Finally Free Time: Bamberg here we come

I did not just stay in Bayreuth when I was in Germany but I wanted to explore new cities and places. I wanted to live Germany! The others agreed with me because they also had this urge to see what Germany had to offer us so as soon as we had free time from work we booked a bus trip to Bamberg. Bamberg is a very ancient and interesting town with a long history located in Oberfranken on the Regnitz river. It is known for a ferocious witch hunt which took place here in the Middle Ages but also for its Rauchbier ahah

To reach the town we had to walk for a while because we were on the opposite part of the city but thank to my phone, we could easily reach the old town and it was totally worth it.

The town is rich in baroque architecture and still kept perfectly its medieval aspect, for this reason it became UNESCO World Heritage. One of the most famous Bamberg’s landmark is the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). The Altes Rathaus was built on an manmade island in the middle of the river Regnitz because in the past the Prince-bishops, who were the rulers in Bamberg during Holy Roman Empire, made a law saying that Bamberg’s citizens could not possess a town hall on their territory. It was built in XIV century but renovated different times like in XV and XVIII ceturies. I really loved its architecture and I have a big passion for the half-timbering buildings, I could not get enough *^*

Bamberg is full of canals, not by chance it reminded me of Venice and just like Venice they often experience the phenomenon of high water. The old town centre is called Klein Venedig (Little Venice) because there are many houses facing the river just like the real Venice :3 I really loved walking along the river looking at the beautiful and colorful houses 😀 We even had a boat trip but it was not so nice, to be honest.

Another very important Bamberg’s landmark is the Kaiserdom which was built at the end of the XII century and it is located on a hill that dominates the town. You have a great panorama of Bamberg from there 😀 The cathedral is built in Romanesque architecture on a pervious church wanted by Henry II and his wife in the XI century. There is also the so called Neue Residenz near the Kaiserdom which was the place where Prince-shops lived in the Middle Age.

When we visited Bamberg it was sunday so the most part of the shops were closed as well as bars so we could just go aroud and explore the city. I really liked the picturesque houses and alleways of the town :3 Indeed, Bamberg is one of the towns which make up the Romantische Strasse, a long touristic route in south Germany called like this for the beauty of the landscapes and the towns.

What the duck?!


To be continued….



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