A fast trip to Nuremberg

Our last trip in Germany was in Nuremberg, a city located in Mittelfranken and Bavaria’s second biggest city. It is the cultural and economic centre of Franken, a historical region that makes up Bavaria. I already wanted to visit Nuremberg but the others at first did not want to come because they thought tickets would cost too much but our french friends told us they went there the previous day and they enjoyed the city very much adding that the tickets were pretty cheap. We hurried to train station and bought the tickets in no time but unfortunately it was sunday, this means less trains. We had to wait for the train of 3:00 then, since the railway was closed, when we arrived in Pegnitz we had to get on a bus but there was an incident on the street….in the end we arrived at 5:00 xD Despite our unluck, we managed to visit the city, very fast, but we managed 🙂 When I entered the city I was surprised by the mix of modern and old elements: old fortifications everywhere but also very modern buildings.

How to reach Nuremberg:

You can go by bus and for this option I would advise Flixbus which has good prices but you have to book in advance or olse just use the train. The prices are not very cheap but there is a train ticket pass called Bavaria Pass which allows you to travel all around Bayern for one day or more at a reasonable price.

What to see in Nuremberg:


We made our way to the Lorenzkirche built between the XIII and the XV centuries in gothic style, one of the best examples of this style in the city. The church is also the main Luteran Evangelical worship place in Nuremberg. In the past the city was divided into two parts by the Pegnitz river and Lorenzkirche became the main church of the south part opposing to its northern counterpart on the other side of the river. During the war the church was heavily damaged by the bombs and for this reason went through many restoration works until it regained the nowadays original form.


On the market square, where the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) takes place every year in december, you can find the Frauenkirche (The Church of Our Lady) which is the best example of gothic style in Nuremberg and also very important because it is the main Catholic church.  There is also the Schöner Brunn built in gothic style and one of the most beautiful fountain in Europe but unfortunately, when we went there it was under reparation works ç_ç


Last but not the least important is the Kaiserburg, the most known Nuremberg’s landmark, was built at first as imperial residence for Hohenzollern’s earls but then was changed into a military base. The Kaiserburg is one of the most historical and architecturally sigificant middle aged fortress in Europe. To reach the fortress you have to walk for a while on steep road, all the girls with me were tired and complained but once you reached the top, the view over the city is wonderful :3 I do not regret anything and I advise you all to go there 😀 The fortress was in a perfect conservation status until the Second World War but then was heavily bombed and almost completely destroyed for this reason the following years it went through numerous restoration works.

Interesting Facts about Nuremberg

Nuremberg was also the city where the racial laws against jews were issued and played an important role in hitler propaganda. Not by chance it was chosen by the Allies as seat of court which tried the nazi war criminals.

With this article I finished talking about my experience in Germany. Here I did not talk about my work and all the people I met, I just talked about my trips but my experience there was really beautiful and useful despite the tiring work ahah 😀

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  1. You were absolutely right to go and see Nuremberg. It’s maybe less known to foreign tourists, but it’s definitely worth the trip. By the way: Rumour has it, that the “Schöne Brunnen” which was undergoing restoration during your visit, was actually supposed to become the pinnacle of the Frauenkirche’s main tower, but that nobody managed to lift it to the top of this tower (and I tend to believe this, as the roof of the tower doesn’t really fit – don’t you agree?). Anyway, it’s always great fun to read about your trips and so see your pictures!

    1. Yeah of course, I already knew Nuremberg before and I have always liked to visit there 🙂 unofrtunately we did not really have much time to go around but we saw the main landmarks of this nice city 😀 yeah true, I could not see the Schoener Brunnen ç_ç but I saw some photos on internet and I liked it very much! It was such a pity! Awww thanks very much, I’m happy you enjoy my articles and photos 😉 The photos I take are not professional, I just enjoy taking them when I travel to remember the places I go :3 Have a nice day and thanks again 😀

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