The futuristic city: Dubai

I wrote in a previous article that this year I have been very busy with school as this was my last year of high school and I had my final exam but this is not the only reason why I could not write on here as much as before. Recently I have been travelling a lot and one of my latest trip was to Japan, the destination of my dreams! Anyway on this article I will not talk about my japanese trip but rather about Dubai. To reach Japan I had to depart from Milan Malpensa and stopped in Dubai where my father and I spent an entire day without booking a hotel. Yeah, this is a crazy idea but the trip itself already cost very much so we just visited this halfway city quickly and it was worth it all.

Plane getting off
Plane getting off

Some information about Dubai

Dubai is the capital of one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates also known simply as UAE, a small country located in the Arabic Peninsula, south to the Persian Gulf. We can say this city was founded quite recently as it started developing in the XX century but it did exist before just as small village inhabited by a tribe and later passed into hands of Britons. Dubai knew a great growth mainly thanks to its strategic position and its oilfields. There is a large number of skyscrapers, I have never seen so many and so tall in my whole life but they all looked so empty and the hot out of the covered passages was suffocating even if my father was enjoying it xD

What to see in Dubai:

Palm Jumeirah

The streets were almost deserted, I guess that was because of the hot weather so the city looks like abandoned xD Nobody around to ask information…luckily I had the map already with me :3 The subway is easy to use, not very complicated and not as big as others I have used but still, could reach all the most important places. Our first destination was the famous manmade island “Palm Jumeirah”. Actually there are two of them: one is smaller but closer to the city and one is bigger and further called “Palm Jebel Ali”. On the right of Palm Jumeirah there is another manmade (can I call it like this) archipelago whose name is “The World” because it resembles the earth. That is crazy! I saw it from the plane when it was landing and I thought I was just dreaming @@ To reach Jumeirah we bought one day subway ticket and we had to change different lines which one of them was not included in the ticket: the Jumeirah Monorail. I had to take photos from the inside of the monorail train because we could not go outside nor open the windows so the quality is not one of the best. We reached the other side of the palm but we could not go around because we were not clients of the hotel “Atlantis”. This hotel is crazily huge like everything in Dubai after all! We went out but it was so hot! The difference of temperature between the inside and the outside was like 20 degrees, I think XD Crazy! I think I will keep using this word while writing this article :,)

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

The next destination on our list was the Dubai Mall, rumoured to be one of the biggest mall in the world, and Burj Khalifa (برج خليفة), the TALLEST skyscraper in the world. Here in Dubai everything is insanely big! It is something like 800 meters high…the works started in 2004 and ended in 2009. We had hard time to find the way for Burj Khalifa! We had to walk through an endless covered passage and passing through the Dubai Mall, that more than a mall, looked like a city, it was sooo big! Just out of the Dubai mall you can find the Dubai Fountain and yeah, the tallest skyscraper of the world too. I wanted to go up to the top but at home I did some researches and I found out that the ticket price is really expensive therefore I gave up on the idea :3 Despite this, we were lucky because we could attend the Dubai Fountain’s water features. My father even shot a video while I was trying to stand the suffocating weather. Just to say, after a while I could get used and became a true Dubaian 😛

“Old Dubai”

After all this new stuff, I needed to see something old so I convinced my father to visit the “old part” of Dubai that of old has nothing xD The guy from the tourist agency told us that if we will ever go to the old town I’d better wear the veil….I followed his advice and I was wearing the veil for the entire trip, it was comfortable even if it was that hot xD The old town is very different from the modern Dubai, it looks so poor and dirty, it is like going to another city, if not even another country! That part of Dubai was lively, people were everywhere on the streets and there were many restaurants. The oldest thing you can find in Dubai is a small fortress which hosts a museum about Dubai’s history and just in front of it you can find a big mosque. I was tempted to enter but I do not know much about Islam’s rules well, I did not want to offend anyone so I just gave up.

Dubai Creek

To put an end to our Dubai adventure, we had just only one thing to do….a stroll at Dubai Creek! This is the part of Dubai I enjoyed the most and then the landscape was just wonderful thanks to the sunset :3 There is a manmade canal, the so-called Creek, that flows inside the city. There are numerous boats, ships and abras which are the traditional arab boats docked. Many men were advertising their floating restaurants and inviting us to eat on there, to be honest I really would have liked to join them but I was so tired after the plane and Dubai trip! Moreover it was already late, it was time for us to get back to the airport and relax a bit before leaving for Japan.

Dubai, the city from the future, almost unreal, looked so fake and controversial in my eyes! On a side all these luxurious skyscrapers and on the other side those poor houses and dirty streets where normal people are used to live…a place where the wealth meets the poverty. Neverthless I enjoyed walking and exploring around Dubai, this city is full of surprises and develops at lightning speed. Despite all my negative impressions, I still advise you to give Dubai a chance, visit this weirdly surprising city :3 Well as for us, we tried to rest a bit at the airport before getting off towards the destination of my dreams: Japan


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  1. We always go to Dubai fromAbu Dhabi if we want to have a different action. I hope you can check some of my post about Dubai and Abu Dhabi so you will know more if you haven’t already. Hope you’ll come back again for more 🙂

      1. Just click my photo it should take you to my site. Search it under Category: Something New or Travel and Leisure and I do participate in some Daily Post or Photo Challenge sometimes.

  2. One more thing… Abu Dhabi is the Capital of UAE not Dubai. I suggest to have at least 3days minimum to explore some part of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One day is not enough to sum up the place as you haven’t seen a lot and with the technology and infrastructures going on lots of things happening within a year so please visit again next time and give it a try for more days than just a stop over while waiting for another plane. 😉

    1. Well of course I am planning to come back but that time it was just a trip in a trip xD my father insisted he wanted to have a look at Dubai and so did we. I know very well one day is not enough but one day was enough to tickle my curisity and made me get the desire to come back ? next time I also want to visit the desert and see the falcons shows, which is very tipical of Dubai, it seems :3 look forward to going back ??

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