One day trip to Cannes

This April my cousin invited me to go with her to Cannes, a town in the south part of France, in the region called Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It was an organized one day trip with other people, also including a boat ride to the Iles Lérins. It took, more or less, 3 hours to reach Cannes but time flew because I talked a lot with my cousin and listened to music :3 We passed through the whole Liguria and finally reached Provence.

What to see in Cannes:

Le Vieux Port

Cannes is not a big city, it is more a lovely town located just on the sea but very famous for its movie festival and for its exclusive sea promenade called La Croisette. Nevertheless I enjoyed more the old town centre, which is not rich in ancient monuments but very picturesque and well-kept for this reason I advised you to spend more time in the Vieux Port – as French people like to call it – than in La Croisette. I am sure you would get a real taste of France there 😀 Not to miss is the beautiful wall painting on a building’s façade located just near the town’s main bus station.

The first thing my cousin and I did, was to explore the town centre, we wanted to reach the top in order to have a great view over the whole Cannes. We passed through many picturesque alleyways which some of them were really narrow. For me it is normal, I am used to it since the town where I live is full of them xD The houses were all colorful and gave me happiness :3

Unfortunately it was sunday (my god I always travel on sunday) and everything was closed, there were, indeed, really a few people around so I could take some nice photos without all those crowds that always ruin every photo you try to take xD The bad thing was that we found nothing to eat ç_ç

Le Suquet

While wandering aimlessly, we noticed there was a sort of the castle on the top therefore we decided to go there :3 The idea was very good and we have been rewarded with a beautiful view over the town! The castle we saw is called Le Suquet which was built to defend the little sea town from pirates and saracens. Before it was home to a Ligurian tribe that called this place Canoa meaning “height” in their language.

La Croisette

Satisfied with the view, we got back to the city and wandered on the long sea promenade La Croisette, very famous all around the world. You can find many expensive clothes shops like Valentino, Louis Vuitton and many others, we could not even get closer to them because of the high prices :,) We found the famous hotel Carlton, which is one of the town’s landmark ,where my cousin made me take photos of her for like 30 minutes in front of the hotel’s door ahah

Then we chilled on the beach for a while taking photos. There was even a guy who bathed ò-ò I did not know how he could, it was sooo cold! Afterwards it even rained and a storm came! We passed through the park where there was a beautiful merry-go-round *^* I wanted to ride that but I’m too old for it ahah My cousin and I even sneaked in the building where Cannes festival takes place but it was deserted and all doors were locked for this reason we just went out as our guide was waiting for us at the port at 4 o’ clock. On the sea promenade near the previously mentioned building, you can find countless handprints of celebrities and actors that won the Cannes Festival throughout the years. We had fun checking out some names and see whether we knew them or not

Les Iles Lérins

When we were about to get on the boat, a terrible storm came and it started raining so the sea got wavy and the boat moved a lot but nothing bad happened as the island is much close to the coast. The island was very nice, you could catch a really nice glimpse of Cannes and its coast but there was nothing special, just some abandoned houses and a small museum.

Later we discovered that those houses are actually used during summer by young people who come here to have a summer french course and live in them. A random fact about this island: here “the Man in the Iron Mask” was held captive. This mysterious character was rumoured to be the step-brother of Louis XIV, also known as “Sun King“.

When we got back from the island, we had some time to go around the city again, my cousin and I decided to go to a warm place and we found a bar where we ordered cappuccino and a big big muffin which was really tasty :3 We explored around for the last time and then reached others and our guide in order to come back. We were a bit unlucky because of the bad weather but despite this, I enjoyed this beautiful town :3 I bet in summer it must be even nicer and full of tourists from all around the world 😀


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