Real Ligurian experience: Boccadasse and carugi

My friend just moved to Genoa for the university and wanted me to pay a visit to her one day so that we could have given a look at Boccadasse, a lovely Ligurian town. It has been recently incorporated into Genoa’s urban area but before it was an independent fishing village with strong traditions that even nowadays resist, despite the passing of the time. I had days off at the end of october, on Halloween. I would never thought that the weather could have been so good, normally it is not really warm in this period of the year instead the sun was shining and many people were out celebrating Halloween but not only that as in Italy the first of November is national holiday, the All Saints’ Day. Everywhere was very lively so I really enjoyed going around 😀

How to reach Boccadasse

Brignole Train Station
Brignole Train Station

1)Take the train for Genova Brignole where, then, just in front of Brignole Train Station, you can

2)take the bus for this lovely sea village. The bus stop is just near the town and you will understand you reached the destination because of the beautiful view over the sea. The ticket’s price is 1.50 and lasts for 100 minutes, if you buy them on board, the price is doubled but you can always use your phone to get one 🙂

Reaching the secret place of Boccadasse, through Carugi

Once arrived, we were soon impressed by the cute alleyways, very popular in Liguria, known with the name Carugi or Crêuza, which is a steepest variant of Carugi. We reached the beach which was full of people sunbathing under the warm sun of October. Many families were queuing to get an ice cream and some were just having an Aperitivo outside facing the shining blue sea. While wandering aimlessly in the narrow alleyways we found a great place where there was nobody around. It was really peaceful there, we could touch the sea and lied there without anyone disturbing us. I advise you all to go there as, besides the peaceful atmosphere, you could also enjoy a lovely view over the town.


To reach there you must pass through the whole town and then once you see a small flight of stairs going down, go there and continue until you will see a small bay.

our secret place by the sea!

Where to get a glimpse of the town

Another Boccadasse’s landmark is the nice yellow church facing the sea where you can have the best view over the picturesque fishing village Boccadasse but also of the Ligurian Coast and its charming sea.boccadasse

More: The Little Town’s History

There are no sure sources that could indicate the origins of the village’s name, some just say it means “the mouth of the donkey” as bocca in italian means mouth while asse may come from the Ligurian word azë meaning donkeyAccording to a legend the village was founded by some spanish sailors that after a storm got lost and sheltered themselves here but there is nothing sure about its actual origins.


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