A peaceful spring day on Ligurian coast

I am really happy to be able to write on my blog again after so long time of inactivity! I had many trips and I’m still trying to update my blog with all the adventures I had in these months 😉 In this article I want to show you a small town on the Ligurian coazoaglist ignored by many tourists called Zoagli. It is very small but very lovely and perfect to spend a tranquil day on the beach sunbathing and doing nothing 😀 When I came here it was not summer yet, it was the end of May and to be honest, I was not even in the mood to bathe as I would have had the graduation exam soon >/< I was very nervous and I needed to rest a bit after long and endless days spent on the books =_= I explored this lovely town with my friend searching, both of us, for some peace.

How to Reach Zoagli

Eh reaching this placezoagli is not very easy, if you go by train you have to change in Chiavari and take the train for Zoagli. I could not find any better option but I think there could be direct trains to Zoagli. Once you get off the trains, you will find a scenic path over the sea, just walk on it until you spot a big beach…congratulations you just reached the destination 😉




Some Information About Zoagli

Zoagli is really small so it does not have a very interesting or long history but here some curiosities about this place 😉 Like many other Ligurian towns, Zoagli was founded by a Ligurian tribe and became, much time later, part of Genoa Republic. In the 19th century Zoagli became a common tourist destination for many famous personalities like the American poet Ezra Pound, the German philosopher Nietzsche and the Russian painter Vasilij Kandinskij.

What to See:

The Lovely Town Centre



Zoagli has nothing much to offer, not baroque architecture or huge squares but the town itself is very lovely and cozy, the houses are colorful and all attached to each other like in many Ligurian towns. We went back and forth the town to explore it a bit more, we even reached a nice church hidden in the narrow alleyways. Its name is San Martino Church built in the 18th century but heavily damaged by the bombs during the Second World War for this reason later rebuilt. The inside was quite surprising for such a small church: the walls were frescoed and look like they were made of gold.

The Many Beaches

Zoagli must not have much to see but there are a lot of beaches you can choose to stay and lie down to enjoy a bit of sunshine or just relax after a tiring work day. There is a very long path always overlooking the sea. From here you can see the Portofino’s promontory and the city of Rapallo. Despite the fact it was still spring, there were many people lying on the beach…of course we followed their example :,)

Look where people bath!
Look where people bath!


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