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Some Information About Mosel


This area of Germany is my favourite for its breathtaking landscapes, green vegetation and idyllic vineyards located on the sinuous hills that surrounded the long river Mosel. Yeah, the Mosel is a reason of pride for the inhabitants of the place, they always speak about it and advertise it and its products. Maybe, the non-wine experts will not know about this wine, called Riesling, but here it is praised and sold in every restaurant, by witnessing a great attachment to their territory that is often underestimated even by the Germans themselves. Riesling was unknown to me and to my relatives, even though they cultivate wine and where I live, they own endless hectares of wine vineyards but I think the fame of this wine is growing as is the tourism growing in this region, also thanks to the new airport Frankfurt Hahn.

Why I Visited Here

Bremm is still far away...
Bremm is still far away…

The truth is that I did not even know about this place until I visited my boyfriend and I am ashamed of this. I started researching about Trier and its surrounding area just before my departure and with my great surprise, I found out this area is rich in picturesque german-style towns that develop along Mosel, offering the visitors beautiful landscapes. Mosel is a river that flows through 3 countries: It originates from the mountain range of Vosges, flowing into Luxembourg and then into the German Bundesland of Rheinland-Pfalz. The river is important because it is totally navigable, connecting, in this way, three countries and famous for the Riesling wine. After seeing some photos of Mosel towns on Instagram, I fell in love and forced my boyfriend to visit them even though outside it was terribly cold (despite the fact it was April and the spring already came) and raining.

What To Use To Move Around

To move around I highly advise to go by train if you want to visit more than a town because buses are slower and less but I have to say that some towns do not have a train station and for those, the use of buses is mandatory. For my boyfriend, public transport in the region were free because he is a student there but unfortunately, I had to pay…I bought a one day ticket that can really make you save money as the normal return tickets are more expensive than the one day one. In addition, the one day ticket allow you to visit more places so, in order to exploit it, I visited not just the one that I had planned weeks before, but also other two!

1) First Destination: Bullay


The reason why we visited here was just for its name. Yeah! You read well, for its name! It sounded very French to us so we wanted to have a look. Despite being a very small village, it is provided with a train station and easy to reach even by bus. We did not need much time to visit around but in normal circumstances, I think, we would have liked to spend morebullay time here. The village is very cute, there is nothing special to see but it is very well-kept and there are a lot of houses displaying old items used to make wine and wine brands themselves. The village has a nice promenade along the river, giving us the chance to enjoy the idyllic nature that surrounds the place. That day it was raining cats and dogs and the temperature was very low so we even had to find a shelter, aka a bakery shop, where to get some food and warmth as I was about to faint. After taking some nice photos along the river and made friends with a German little baby, we left again, this time, for a bigger town.

2) Second (Very Rainy) Destination: Cochem

Let’s start with some basic information about Cochem: the town develops along the river Mosel and often, gets the Hochwasser (High Water) meaning that river over floods so much that can reach the town and has some shops and restaurants close. The origins of Cochem, just like Trier, was a roman settlement,  whose name was Villa Cuchema (we can still the similarity between the nowadays name and the old one even if it changed various times in the past). Later, it was chosen as Imperial estate by the king and then handed it to the archbishop of Trier. Cochem is a picturesque town that offers a lot of things to see, I will list some here:

Having a Stroll On The Bridge


Cochem is divided into two parts and they are connected by a bridge that offers a beautiful view over the other part of the town and over the Cochem Castle. Before reaching the bridge, I advise you to have a stroll along the river promenade which is very cute for its colorful shops, selling souvenirs and postcards, and a perfect spot to stop and look at Mosel.

Visiting The Narrow Alleyways

Cochem’s city centre is very beautiful: It is characterised by colorful german-style houses adorned with different kinds of flowers. In April, when I went there, the centre was very lively, crowded with families and their children playing around so we tried to search for some tranquility in the picturesque small alleyways that nobody cares about.

Climbing Up


cochemAs usual, to escape the noise, we walked away from the crowd of people and went out from the town. We climbed up a steep path until we reached a cross road: one lead us to the castle and one was unknown; therefore we followed the less crowded path and ended up finding a beautiful scenic spot on the top of a hill overlooking the whole town. The view from there was breathtaking, it seemed to be in a fairytale with those colorful and cute houses typical of the German villages. On the other side, we could spot the Cochem Castle built on the higher hill and surrounded by an abundance of vineyards. Up there, it was very windy but the view and the atmosphere was very good and we decided to stay there a little more until it started raining and soon changed into a downpour…we had to abandon our secret place and go back.

Eating In A Local Restaurant


Of course, we enjoy just half of the trip if we do not eat local food during our wanderings! For this reason, we decided to stop for a while so that we could rest and warm up. We chose a cute restaurant located just near a very old house where the food’s price was quite cheap: for 15 euros we ordered an entire menu with typical german soup, salad, steak and dessert.

3) Third  (Terribly Cold) Destination: Neef


neefTo be honest, Neef was not my original destination but after a day spent out wandering in the cold and in the rain, we gave up before reaching our real destination, which was Bremm. Neef is a small town located near the river Mosel, quiet and deserted at the time we visited. The village’s streets were very clean and everywhere, they displayed their old winemaker items and Riesling bottles. Despite our tiredness, we managed to cross the bridge that allowed us to catch a beautiful glimpse over Neef. As soon as we crossed it, it started raining, making us very angry as it was the one thousand time in the day that it rained. The weather was awful, our shape was not one of the best so we gave up the idea and came back home, trying to warm up after the cold and tiring day.


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  1. One of my favourite areas in Germany! I simply love the valley of the Mosel (not forgetting their Riesling wine). Maybe you would like to change the title from “Mein Mosel” to “Meine Mosel”, as this river actually is female (I guess most of them are – just Rhein and Main come to mind as “male” ones, as far as the larger rivers in Germany are concerned).

    1. Yeah i love that area too! When I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the german towns and here along the mosel, I found a lot <3 yeah, of course, thanks for correcting me 😀

  2. Very informative! I also love this area (and around the corner on the Romantic Rhine). Cochem is wonderful and my other favorite villages are Beilstein and Bernkastel-Kues (I hope I spelled that right). Next time you are in the area, you must also go to Burg Eltz, one of the most beautiful castles (near Moselkern), hidden away in a forest which you can also hike to if you wish, rather than drive (so hopefully no raining that day). Looking forward to more of your adventures!

    1. I wanted to visit Beilstein but I did not have the time ?? from the photos it looked wonderful! And yeah Bernkastel-Kues is wonderful, I have been there and my next article will be about this place! I loved the square surrounded by german style houses ? thanks very much for your advices, that place looks so picturesque, I really have to go there by hiking so I can enjoy more the nature ?

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