Strolling Around Amsterdam

First of all let me clear one thing: I did not come here for the weed, which makes this city famous worldwide, but just to observe the beautiful Dutch houses built on the water and the charming bridges the city is made up of. Unfortunately, I could just spend one day in the Dutch capital and this made me discover the city just in a very superficial way but I could see the architecture, what I really wished to see since long time.

Amsterdam Train Trip


It is because of my father that we ventured into this Amsterdam adventure! We were staying in Bruxelles for 5 days and after visiting Bruges, Gand and Bruxelles itself, my father started annoying me to go to Amsterdam as it is even cheaper leaving from Bruxelles than leaving from Eindhoven airport (you know what I am talking about if you often use Ryanair). As consequence, we went to gather information at Bruxelles central station, trying to figure out what kind of ticket allowed us to spend less. The best one was the shopping ticket, allowing you to reach Amsterdam just with 50 euros round trip, if I remember correctly. The trip on train was enjoyable, there was not any kinds of entertainment stuff but to entertain myself, I just need a window and some music and so did I: I looked out of the window the whole trip, enjoying the landscapes that was continually changing from hilly areas, to complete flat territories, from amazing architecture of Antwerp station to modern train stations like the one in Rotterdam.

What To Do In Amsterdam In One Day


What to do in Amsterdam in one day? To be frank, very much! The city is big and rich in museums (even Sex museum), weed shops (if you are interested in such thing, you surely have to try one), incredible architecture and food from all over the world.

Strolling Around The Red Light District

Oh yeah, one thing to do in life is strolling around a red light district and not being tempted, especially if you are a man ?  You know, my grandfather used to tell me that just after the war, in Hamburg, where he used to work for one year, there were these women in the shop-windows…I really could not understand what he meant but after visiting here I think I understood xD a lot of young and beautiful women were standing on the sides of the street naked or wearing some sexy panties on. Everywhere you smell weed, find people are at every corner and encounter weirdly-named museums.

Getting Lost In The City


The best is when you try to visit a place and it started raining, something very common in Northern European countries, so much common that I grew used to it and now I do not even need the umbrella. The weather was not the best when we visited Amsterdam but enough good to allow us to stroll around, even if sometimes some splashes of rain occurred. We did not consult any tourist guides or maps so we just followed our instinct and wandered around, that allowed us to reach a beautiful residential areas far away from the hustle bustle of the red light district. Here the tranquility was the Queen, nobody around and perfect place for photos. We went up and down these bridges, passing by colorful houses along the small canals.

Visit The Chinatown

This is the part of the trip I enjoyed the most! With my great surprise, we came across a beautiful chinese temple in the middle of the city’s historical centre. I fell in love with it! I went inside and tried to understand some Chinese writing as I had started the chinese course at university 3 months ago at that time. There were a lot of chinese restaurants there: everywhere I turned my sight to, I saw chinese lanterns and chinese characters and suddenly, italian restaurants @@ I guess chinese and italian live together peacefully in Amsterdam ahah we opted to eat in a chinese restaurant as in Amsterdam I highly doubt you can find an authentic Dutch cuisine! We ate in a Cantonese restaurant, for those who do not know, canton is an area in south China with totally different food from the north. We ordered Roast duck seasoned with this red sauce which was a bomb, I totally loved it, a bbq pork and Har Gow, something like Jiaozi (for those who are not accustomed to chinese cuisine, they are called dumplings). A superb dinner <3


I hope I will visit this cosmopolitan Dutch city again one day because I am sure I saw not even the half of what the city has to offer but for me, it was already an insight into the Dutch culture: despite the fact here weed is legal, the city is relatively calm and nothing happened when I was there, it is clean, tourist-friendly and there is a great variety of food from all over the world. I just hope one day I will be able to taste Dutch cuisine ahah wait for me Netherlands, I will come back to see more of you ?

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  1. Amazing! Amsterdam is definitely an interesting city in Europe, with its progressiveness and historical buildings roll into one. I went back in April for three nights, and thought that was enough to see the highlights of the city. Hope you can return to see more of Amsterdam and the nearby areas, too (Keukenhof included!).

    1. Yeah the city itself is already a gem! Same situation as me! We must go back and explore more, i would like, as u advised me, to visit nearby areas too ? I will check Keukenhof, thanks very much ?

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