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I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! I really thank GYPSYBUS28 for nominating me, it is the first time someone nominates me so I’m very very happy and honoured 😀 It means that there are people that appreciate my articles and my work, this makes me want to write even more!



The Rules

1. Write a post to show your award
2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
3. Give a brief story of why you started blogging
4. Give advice to your fellow bloggers
5. Nominate a few bloggers for the award
6. Leave a comment to let the nominated bloggers know about the award

Why I Started Blogging:

I started blogging many years ago but I never followed or looked after the blog very much until this year. At first I started because I wanted to write down my experiences and train my english skills but now my aim changed: I want to give advices to the people who read my blog about travelling, places to visit, what kind of food they should taste and, since I am very interested in the cultures and traditions of the countries I visit, I always try to explain some cultural aspects.


I am quite a beginner myself but I will try to list some of my secret techniques:

  • First of all, read many blogs, try to see what people like and copy the styles from every blogger so that you can create your own style. This is true especially at the beginning.
  • Never rush when you write an article, enjoy writing it at its best. Always check the mistakes before publishing (even though the mistakes are very hard to spot and often, you find them only after you published the article grrrr)
  • Try to give information about what you are talking about, not just your personal opinion or your personal adventure.
  • If you are making a travel-themed blog, always take nice photos and those photos must represent what you wrote about in your article.
  • Never write a too long article or else it is likely possible that people lose their attention and do not read everything but just drop halfway. After all, we are all a bit like this, I’m sure that you all at school, after the teaher had been speaking for two hours, would stop listening and get bored xD


  • Ways To Japan – This blog is for those who love and want to travel to Japan. Every article is very detailed and interesting. From his blog, you can find hidden gems of Japan (He even writes articles in German!)
  • From Dream To Plan – This lovely blog is about everything (travels, music, personal thoughts) and you can find many advices about travelling as well. I love the design and the style of the blog very much.
  • Blog Of My life – I found this blog because the author wrote about China, which is one of my main interests, but on the blog you can find information about other places and personal thoughts of the blogger.

Written by 

First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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