The Soundtrack Of My Travels

When I travel, I always listen to music and look outside of the window, this happens everywhere (on cars, on trains, on buses and on planes) and in every circumstances (expect once, when the plane was shaking so much that I got scared to death). The music always accompanies my life, even when I go to university or go to the sea, it is my best travel mate and friend. I never get enough of it: once I listened to music for 12 hours on a bus heading from my city (north-eastern italy) to Prague and never stopped, I even fell asleep with the headphones in my ears xD Music is not only a travel mate but also leaves indelible tracks of a certain place I visited in my mind and everytime I listen to that same song, it will remind me of that place and of the beautiful adventures or unlucky events I experienced in that certain place.

1) Ellie Goulding – Burn


This was the soundtrack of my first trip to London, the turning point of my life; from this first trip, I started changing a lot, in any ways! I started eating more, being more curious about what the world can offer me and I got sick of this disease called Wanderlust.

2) Alan –  桜モダン (Sakura Modern)


This song is very precious to me, just like a good-luck charm could be for anyone else. It is the soundtrack of my japanese trip last year and the best experience of my whole life, not only on a culture level but also from a romantic point of view. With this trip, I achived one of my biggest dreams. Now I just want to go back to Japan in order to repeat all the nice experiences I had and have of the new ones: like trying new food (I fell in love with ramen already ?), meeting my japanese friends, exploring new places and falling in love with new Jinja (Shinto temples) and Otera (Buddhist temples).

3) Perfume – Dreams Fighter


Ha ha this is another song that accompanied me in one of the most important events in my life. I used to listen a lot to this girl band from Japan two years ago, this period matched with the exchange programme of my school with a Danish school so when I first travelled to Denmark and lived with a Danish family, I used to listen to this everyday. The lyrics are very simple but beautiful and inspiring! Everytime it makes my mood get better and pushes me to persue my dreams without giving up ?

4) Maitre Gims – Est-ce que tu m’aimes


This French song, that was a hit last winter, accompanied me during my pilgrimages in Belgium last December. The lyrics matched my sad mood at that time: I had got together with my actual boyfriend not so much before the trip and we could not spend much time together therefore I did not feel much close to him as normally a girlfriend should be to her boyfriend. Now, the things work out very well, if you all want to know 😉

5) Indila – Derniere Danse


Apart from being one of my favourite singer, Indila accompanied my Parisian trip with her song Derniere Danse meaning the last dance. It is a very sad song but the lyrics are beautiful and meaningful (for those who understand French of course and yeah, I am among them). She is of Algerian and Indian origins but grew up in the multi ethnic Paris therefore she feels like belonging to France but at the same time to the world too as she is, as she likes calling herself, a child of the world. The song is, indeed, about the hostility that migrants might stumble upon once they move to Paris.

6) Malou – Tous Eipes Pos


Well, I guess many of you have never heard of her but neither had I xD I just came across this song while searching for Greek music on YouTube and I fell in love with the rhythm. It was the soundtrack of my plane trip from Osaka to Milan and reminds me a lot of those moments on the plane when I looked out of the window and I saw an endless expanse of sand stretching behind me…it was an incredible sight! I wish I could be there lying on the sand and exploring this forgotten piece of land.

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First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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