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We ate many kinds of German meals when we were staying in Rothenburg, where, I’m sure, you can find authentic german food more than in Berlin. Berlin is a big and multi-ethnic city where every kind of cuisine can be found. Since my boyfriend is Asian, he annoyed me that he wanted to eat some asian food after one week of german food in Rothenburg so I decided to please him; after all, I was very curious to taste thai, korean and vietnamese food because my birthplace is very small and this wide range of foreign cuisines is impossible to find. We searched a bit on internet and found out a vietnamese restaurant near our hotel, then one thai restaurant and one korean restaurant.  If we really wanted to eat a different cuisines every evening, we had to come up with a plan and so did we xD The first day we opted for the Vietnamese restaurant, which was something like 20 minutes away from our hotel Alt Berlin.

Than Nho – Vietnamese Restaurant

Potsdamer Straße 133

berlinWe liked so much the food of this restaurant that we came here twice! What we wanted to eat the most was the famous vietnamese soup called Phở. This soup is a very famous street food in Vietnam and is eaten at any time during the day. The main ingredients are the thin and long noodles, meat, which can be either beef or chicken, and a few herbs. They also give you (I guess is) lime to sprout on your soup and spicy pepper. I am not very used to spicy food even though I really like, so the first time I tried, I used a lot of those spicy peppers and I nearly died ahaha I was crying but it was really delicious! Apart the Pho, we also ordered Gỏi Cuốthat are thberline Vietnamese version of the Chinese spring rolls. I’m not an expert of Chinese cuisine but the Chinese spring rolls I ate in Chinese restaurants are smaller and the crust is less crunchy. It is not certain if they originated from their chinese counterpart but what I know is that they are very yummy, especially when they are dipped in the spicy sauce! There are many kinds of these spring rolls but they are mainly made up of meat or fish, vegetables and wrapped with rice paper.

Hodori – Korean Restaurant

Goebenstraße 16

I must say Korean cuisine is the asian cuisine I have liked the most so far, I really look forward to eating real food in Korea during my visit in berlinDecember! It gladly surprised me. This restaurant is in a very weird area in Berlin, far away from everything and almost deserted but nothing to be afraid of! The restaurant is beautiful inside, it really seems to be in Asia with those wooden walls and doors but the biggest problem is the stuffy and incredibly hot air. The restaurant does not have air-con and, for they way they cook food, they really should get one xD The waiters and waitresses were all korean and even the customers were more asians than Westeners with the expection of two girls near me, three middle-aged german women and me :,) What we ordered is called 소불고기 (marinated beef) which is marinated beef with spring onions, onions, an unknown sauce (I think BBQ sauce as Koreans are obsessed with it) and vermicelli noodles. The funnberliniest thing about it is that we need to cook it on our own as the meat was raw. We were provided with a thing I like to call “portable kitchen”, something I already had the pleasure to use in Japan; it is very convenient because you cook the meat as much as you want and you have fun 😀 Before getting the main dish, you usually get a sort of appetizer: many small bowls containing different kind of food. I really do not know the content of any of them, I just recognized the Kimchi, a spicy cabbage very popular in Korea.

Suksan – Thai Restaurant

Ansbacher Str. 4

berlinWe decided to reach this restaurant by foot strolling through the Tiergarten, the biggest park in Berlin. Once we had arrived at destination, we were very hungry and eager to taste thai cuisine. Outside, the restaurant is nothing spectacular but the inside is really suggestive: it is all decorated with fake bamboo, tropical plants conveying a real thai atmosphere, it does not even seem to be in Germany anymore xD The waiter and waitress could speak quite fine english and were wearing the thai traditional clothes. We ordered Pad Thai, which is the most famous thai dish I suppose; it is fried rice with peanuts, scrambled eggs, garlic, bean sprouts and chili sauce. I really like the flavour of the peanuts with rice, simply delicious! Then, we ordered Tom Yum Gung and Curry with chicken. The Tom Yum Gung is like a shrimp sauce seasoned with any kind of spices and of course, coconut. Even the curry in Thailand contains coconut, this is the main difference between the indian and the thai curry.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos but I took them with my phone ç_ç

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