Ten Facts About Germany

Germany is famous all around the world for being very efficient: people are hard working, everything is very clean and perfect, public transportion is heaven and for many tourists, it is also the land of fairytales, thanks to its colorful and medieval villages that often inspire disney cartoons (the Neuschwanstein castle itself is a perfect example). Germany is also famous for a negative thing: the role it played during the Second World War, everyone always blames Germany for everything they did but do not forget there were other countries that worked together with Germany (Italy is one of them) and many other countries, which during this war were on the good side, in other circumstances did many horrible things. Germany apologized very much for what they have done and paid honour to the victims innumerable times. But leave this thing aside, Germany is a really nice country to visit, it offers different natural scenaries that range from the golden wheat fields of the south of Bayern, to the deep green of the vineyards located in the Mosel Valley or the seasides of the north Germany that remind me of Denmark and Viking period. There is also a wide range of cities to visit: from the medieval towns like Rothenburg, that make you go back in time, to the multi-ethnic and modern cities like Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt am Main. So, what are you waiting for?! Embark on a journey to this multiform european country!

  1. Crazily Good At Advertising Their Heritage


The thing of Germany that amazes me the most is that they can value everything they have in a beautiful way! They always create innovate and interactive websites about every historical sites in Germany where you can get plenty of information without even buying a guide in a bookstore. They really love their country and what it offers; you can notice it everywhere you go, from the perfect state of conservation of their monuments or from the historical complexes. Germans are also very keen on hiking therefore if you decided to go for a hike, you will never lose the way as the signs are everywhere and the paths are very well-kept; it happens the same in the city, you always find a sign to help you find the way back. Some examples: Mosel Tourism or Rothenburg Tourism.

2. Socks With Sandals

Beautiful, isn't it?!
Beautiful, isn’t it?!

I cannot just say good things about Germans, right? This German trend of sandals with socks is something I really hate, my eyes hurt everytime I see it ahah It is not just a rumour but it is totally true! Germans give more importance to the comfort that the attire can give you more than to the elegance so this is the result. Well, as long as they are fine with it, no problems ahah

3. Always Ready To Help


I got lost sooo many times in Germany that I lost the count. For example once I made mistake and got on the train that was heading to the opposite direction of my accomodation…I had to ask the driver and he gladly helped me out. I could go back thanks to him. Just try to ask them, I’m sure they would be delighted to help you find the way, do not be afraid or influenced by the concept they are cold, they really are nice.

4. Pfand: Tax On Water


This is the worst thing for me xD I just drink water, nothing else and when I realized that in Germany the water was more expensive because of this tax on it, I was really angry. The whole idea is not bad to be honest, it is a way to promote the recycling. You buy a water bottle in the supermarket, you pay it a bit more but then you can get your money back inserting the bottle in a special machine. The machine will spit out some discounts that you can use to buy the stuff you want in the supermarket. The problem comes when you get the discount from a machine but then you cannot use it in the shop near you because the discount is from another brand…

5. German Music



I’m sure most of you never dreamt of listening to German music because it is common to think that German is always referred to as a non-melodic language or perceived as a rough language. I cannot deny that German sounds, compared to romance languages’, are rougher but it is not as bad as you think. There are not just heavy metal bands but many nice pop bands like Glasperlenspiel, that produces easy-listening songs with nice lyrics or this genre called Schlaeger, which is something very German. This genre is widely spread in South Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria; they are mainly love songs with a nice rhythm. Have a look at Helene Fischer, her songs are cute.

6. Expensive Water, Cheap Beermonaco

Everyone knows that German beers are the most famous and they have a huge beer selection. I do not drink so I will not speak about the beer quality or else...I am just here to complain that a water glass is more expensive of a beer one in Germany ahah I guess it is pretty normal up there but for me it is kinda weird. Germany is really the right place for everyone who loves beer 😉

7. Ja Wohl, Deutsch!


I already mentioned the fact that German is often referred to as a rough and unmelodic language. One thing that is sure is that its grammar is very hard and some words are really really long! I name you some examples: Unabhaengigkeitserklaerungen or Geschlechtsverkehr. The first one means Indipendence Declaration and the second one can be roughly translated as Sex but it is more sexual relationship. My teacher used to say that German words are not long, it is just that they link different words together and make up one word while other languages say it with more words linked to each other so I guess it is not as much as horrible as we thought ahah I think she is totally right!

8. Wind Turbines


I realized that Germany uses much renewable energy, especially produced by wind turbines. In Mosel but also in many other places, the German territory is quite flat making it perfect for building wind turbines. You also find many houses provided with solar panels depite the fact Germany is not the sunniest country out there, they still do everything they can to get some renewable energy and help the environment. I think Italy and many other countries around the world should learn from Germany.

9. Very Interesting Museums

ddr museum
Typical house from DDR

Since I was child attending elementary school, teachers always brought me and my classmates to visit super boring museums, this made me think that these kinds of places were just boring, it always was a duty I had to carry out for the school. Just recently, when I started travelling, I got interested in museums again because they can teach you the story of the place you are visiting and make you learn more. I appreciate much more museums now but Germany made me like them even more! They make every kind of museum very interesting and fun: they are very interactive but at the same time very informative. They make you learn by having fun, something possible of course 😉 If you are going to visit Germany, I highly advice you to visit some, especially in Berlin. My recommendation is the DDR Museum I talked about in my previous article.

10. Wine


Or better call it Wein? For me it was quite a shock to find out that in Germany, in a north european country, they grow vineyards! In my complete ignorance, I have always thought that they could just grow in warmer countries like Italy, Spain, France or Portugal and I had not the minimal idea that I could find them in Germany. Actually, Germans have vineyards in many places like Mosel, Rhine and Bayern too. The most famous, I suppose, is Riesling wine I talked about in my previous posts. The vineyards really give a beautiful charm to the surrounding landscapes, a perfect example is Wuerzburg. So, if you are a wine fan, don’t understimate Germany thinking that they just produce beer, bear in mind that you can also find good wine!

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First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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  1. It is most enlightening to read your impressions of Germany. Being a German myself, I may have a slightly different point of view on some things (especially when it comes to the horror of public transport in Germany and the so-called German efficiency), but then, my view may be victim of some distortion from living in Japan for too long (where public transport REALLY is heaven).
    Socks in sandals – yes, indeed! One would have thought Germans would learn it somewhen. But still: Wherever you go, you can easily spot (middle-aged) Germans in any crowd.
    Where I unfortunately have to disagree is with the “tax on water”. That is not really true. The system may differ from recycling incentives in other countries, but the extra money you pay for water in bottles (or other containers) (which is, on the other hand, really ridiculously much – often you pay more for the container than for the content) you’ll be refunded in total once you return the bottle. And you pay the same amount for (almost) any other kind of bottled drink (not just water).
    On the other hand, I ABSOLUTELY agree: Germans have really very delicious wine (for red wine I still prefer Italian – but that’s a matter of taste).
    Well, once again, I have to say: Your postings are amongst the most entertaining!

    1. ahahah well, you’re right, japan iseven better, I dare to say that Japan is perfect when it comes to public transportation but for an italian like me Germany is alrady very good! Everything is easier and more places can be reached. yeahh this socks with sandals is not only german, you can find in other places but in Germany I spotted this weird fashion more ahaha oh yeah you are right, I should have written that it is valid for any liquids in bottles but you know I just drink water, I rarely buy wine or beer ahah yep, many people think that Germany is only good for beers but it is not only like this, you also have good wine 😉 I am very happy you appreciate and enjoy my articles every time 😉 your comments always please me 😀

  2. A wonderful post for Germany! I visited there twice, I was impressed with how clean and how things are in good order everywhere…
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. I agree with you: Socks + Sandals = Catastrophe. It looks just weird. But i think I saw some fashion houses have this kind of catastrophe in their collection *face palm*. Hope it will never become a trend 🙂

    1. Nooo, do not tell me these shocking things ahah even fashion houses decided to include this weird fashion in the collections?! The end of the world is approaching ahah

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