Upcoming trip: Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Fukuoka and Busan

I did not write much on my blog in these weeks of November for two main reasons:

  • My university courses started and I am, basically, always at the university listening to teachers speak and when I go back home, since I live alone, I have to prepare meals and clean so when I try to use the pc and write some nice articles, I get too lazy and give up ahah
  • I did not have many trips in October and in November. I just had some small trips to nearby towns and cities like Manarola and Genoa; this, of course, means that I have less things to write about.
My university, photo taken from www.unistrasi.it

Why did I not have any trips in these two months? Well, there is a major reason: in December I will have an Asian grand tour, as I like to call it. I am going to Hong Kong for more than two weeks and once there, I will visit Japan’s southern island named Kyushu and its capital Fukuoka and the city of Busan in the southern part of South Korea. As I had already been to Japan, I know what to expect nevertheless I am very excited and eager to discover more places in this wonderful asian country. I read that southern japan is a bit different from the central part: they speak a peculiar dialect, because of the distance they had less interactions with the cultural center of japan – that is to say Kyoto – and it is slightly warmer. I have already found some places that I absolutely want to visit in Fukuoka, like the town located on the outskirts of the city, called Dazaifu, and the area of Hakata famous for its food markets. 

Remembering Japanese temples in Kyoto

When it comes to Korea, instead, I do not know what to expect! I am pretty excited to visit South Korea as it is still not this popular as a tourist destination but Koreans are giving their best to improve their tourism industry. I saw beautiful photos of korean temples browsing on Internet but it seems that Busan is not this kind of place, it is more modern. I have a friend there so she will guide me around but if you happen to know some nice places to visit, please feel free to advise me. Unfortunately in South Korea I will just stay one day but it is still a good start to check out South Korea a bit 😉 

Dubai memories…

In order to reach Hong Kong I will transit through Dubai again because I am flying with Emirates. Since we were curious to check Abu Dhabi out, we decided to stop one entire day there and then take the plane again in the evening. It seems that the only way to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai, excluding the car, is the bus. There is not direct connection to Dubai airport though, which is quite disappointing. Then, I found out that in Abu Dhabi there is no metro @@ I was quite shocked! How can I move around? I checked online and they said the best way is to take taxis because they are cheap and faster. Is it really like this? Some of you know some ways to move in Abu Dhabi? Have you had some experiences with Abu Dhabi taxi drivers? I am planning to visit the Grand Mosque and the Corniche Promenade. I just want to visit these places because at 21 I have the plane for Hong Kong and, of course, I do not want to miss it xD Despite the lack of time, if some of you know some nice places in Abu Dhabi, I am open to every advice ?

Dubai old town street

Lastly I will stay in Hong Kong something like 15 days at my boyfriend’s house so I will not spend money. Such a luck being able to use the house of a friend or a boyfriend ahaha In Hong Kong I will just follow my boyfriend and see what he wants to show me but I already have many places in mind, most of them are temples though ahah I have a thing for temples <3 The places I want to visit the most are the traditional walled cities located in the New Territories, the big buddha, the Peak, the sea promenade and Wong Tai Sin. If you have any advices, feel free to write down 😉

Kyoto Pagoda <3

Since I have not had any trips, I decided to write this bonus article to let you know my future plans. It is not the usual travel article I write but I hope you appreciate and of course, as I have written in my article, if you want to advice me something, please feel free to do so; I am more than happy to hear your suggestions out 😀

P.S. To make the reading part more enjoyable, I inserted some of my previous travels’ photos

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  1. How much I envy you! Marvellous locations!

    I’m pretty confident that you will love Fukuoka. Yes, indeed, it IS different. It propably is one of the few Japanese cities that have a somewhat “mediterranean” atmosphere – at least in autum.

    You’ll probably know my postings already:



    Looking forward to lots and lots of reports of your forthcoming trip – and lots of pictures, too!

  2. Hi, perhaps I am late now to give you some advice about AD as we are the expats here.
    Dubai has Emirates airlines then AD have Etihad. AD is the capital of UAE and not Dubai take note. No metro yet as the taxis are a lot cheaper here than in Dubai and the drivers are professional and decent. Most people have their own car or either take a taxi or bus as it is also nice and clean. Women & children in the front and the Men at the back of the bus.
    Not a lot of skyscrapers here unlike in Dubai but AD have a lot of arts, luxury, Parks- more for the families. For places to visit … a must is the Grand Mosque so awesome! and if you want to have a Palace experience then head to Emirates Palace and have an afternoon tea, drink coffee with flakes of gold on it 😉 and you can also have a view of AD from Etihad Tower. If you like racing then it’s too late now as they already had the Formula 1 recently. It is being held here in AD every year so next time buy your ticket ahead of time. Anyway… you can still enjoy Ferrari World any day here and see if you are brave enough to do it. Or go on an adventure & book yourself with a friend to a Desert Safari either on day time or overnight camping or shall I say “glamping” as a buffet awaits you as well as the camels to saddle on to? 🙂 I can go on and on but best if you could check my blog and see under my Category: Something New and/or Travel and Leisure. Hope you can browse some more of my post thanks! I do hope you did enjoy in AD otherwise there is always a next time and better do some more research about it so you will really enjoy your time here.

    1. Wow thanks for so many infos! I appreciate a lot! Since I have been to dubai last year I remember that on the metro u had to stay in the designated carriage! My father got on the women one ahah there are actually a lot of things to do in abu dhabi, unfortunately I do not really have much time so I will just check the mosque and the corniche out ? I hope I will be able to come back one day! How about going around in abu dhabi? Do u usually take taxis? Are there many illegal taxis around?

      1. Illegal activities are prohibited in this part of the World and they are very strict so NO illegal taxis. Where did you get that info or is it a typo error? Tourist here usually comes with their own travel coach or by taxis as I said it is cheaper here than Dubai and bus only aed2 for one way around AD but to tell you foods and hotels are more expensive here but if you are resourceful you can find some cheaper things around. If I were you just go and book either on Viator or any tour/travel agencies around. Goodluck!

  3. I am off to Abu Dhabu next year so look forward to reading your posts and getting some ideas of what to do and where to go.

    I love HK and lived there for six months – so a couple of recommendations:
    *star ferry from HK Island to Kowloon
    *Hollywood Road for inexpensive and expensive antiques and great street to walk along then have lunch
    *Hong Kong Park especially the vegetarian yum cha restaurant and tea house
    *Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens (get off at Diamond Hill MTR station)
    *double decker bus to Stanley
    And this is a great website for things to do in HK: http://www.discoverhongkong.com (I used this for all my visitors)

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