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Woow so much time passed since I wrote my last blog post and so many things happened! My last post was about my upcoming trip to Asia but in the end the only places I could visit were Macau and Hong Kong…guess why? I got ill so I had to postpone the departure to Hong Kong and since the plane for Japan was just one day later the day of departure, I missed the chance to visit Korea and Japan. When we booked the new flight to go to Hong Kong, we decided to shorten the waiting time at Dubai airport so that we could reach Hong Kong earlier. You can guess the result: I missed the chance to visit Abu Dhabi too. Such a misfortune…

2016 was not my best year to be honest, I had a lot of problems but still I had to chance to spend a nice summer with my boyfriend and visit the wonderful city of Hong Kong.

Ah yeah it is already the new year now ? I wish you a great new year full of happiness and success, well this is what most people wish even though we never know if it comes true or not. What I wish for the new year is that I will be able to overcome my fear of planes and that I will be able to pass the exams at university ahah I do not care about money or else, I just want to travel ? money must be spent for something right?! How about you? You have some wishes for the new year?

About the articles of my trip, I will write them as soon as I come back home, now I am still in Asia.

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First of all, let me state clearly that I am a human: two legs, two arms, brown hair etc (yep, everything is at its place) and then, I am Federica from the corrupted and mainly-famous-for-pasta-and-mafia country, otherwise known as Italy. I am a temple geek, I totally love temples, every kind: from Buddhist, to Taoist, to Shinto ones ? Other thing I am fixated on are anime (my God, I watched so many that I lost the count), pasta (of course, I am italian), ramen ? and travelling.I am really interested in travelling and discovering the world, I can say, it is my greatest passion and I try to persue it, everytime I am not busy with studying or attending some lessons at university

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  1. What a terrible shame you couldn’t make it to Korea and Japan! But all the best for the year of the chicken, the year Heisei 29 and the year 2017! Wow, three years all at once! Pick the one that suits you best!
    Looking very much forward to reading your reports – and seeing all your photos!

  2. Sorry to hear of your illness and do hope you are on the mend. Shame about Abu Dhabi too as I am being a little bit selfish and I was going to check out your posts for my trip there this July. But also shame you could not travel there and your other countries.

    1. Yeah it was really a shame but thank god I did not waste the money because we could cancel the hotel and flight! Ahaha well, I wrote about Dubai before but I have nothing about Abu Dhabi 🙁 I just know there is no metro there and people use taxis to move around 😉 happy travel this july ?

    1. Yeah I hope so too ahah no I am already home, I arrived yesterday ? I wanted to see the chinese new year but I guess I will attend it another time

  3. Just take your time and enjoy traveling. I also just came back from holidays but I am not rushing to post yet, hence I rather read some of my followers post for the moment. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Where did you go? I am curious ahah I started writing the article but yeah I resta bit and I have to study for exams so I will take my time ahah

      1. You will find it out sooner or later once I started to do my post but I have some backlog actually. If you follow me long enough you will know the sequence as it may be confusing if not, sorry.

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