Semester in Japan

At the beginning of January I had applied for going to Japan and attending there one semester in order to improve my Japanese language skills and get to know better the country’s culture.

This has always been the main reason I decided to attend university. I wanted to study and live in Japan so badly since for the first time I unraveled the beauty of this country but I was not so sure to be able to get such opportunity. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles I came across, now I managed to get this chance.

To my surprise I got the acceptance from the Japanese university of J.F. Oberlin last week and now I am preparing all the required documents to get a visa. I am very excited to be able to live such a significant experience both for my personal life and my future career. Not everyone has the opportunity to study and live in Japan, it is quite rare in my country to encounter such person.

Yakushi-ji in Nara

Living in a country like Japan where everything is basically different from your home country – laws, habits, culture, ways of thinking – is a great challenge for a person. Not everyone would be able to abandon their lifestyle and adopt a totally different one.

I am sure I will experience some difficulties but I am also sure that I will able to overcome them and embrace a new culture; honestly speaking I look forward to embracing this new culture and lifestyle.

I also am to decide whether staying in a university accommodation or opting for a homestay. I am not quite sure about what I want to do now. I really would like to stay with a Japanese family as I think it is the best way to have a deep cultural immersion and the fastest way to learn Japanese but on the other hand I am afraid of not being able to communicate with the family or not getting along with them very well.

Tokyo seen from the Tokyo Tower

I also think choosing a homestay would be the best as I am new in the place, I know nobody and maybe I can get friends with the sons and daughters of my host family. In a university accommodation I would be more alone, especially at the beginning of my adventure, as I know nobody and I am quite a reserved person; I never make the first step in getting to know someone.

But I would be free of doing what I want without notifying my host family first. I wanted to ask you if you have ever tried this homestay in Japan or in any other countries and what would you choose if you were me. I really would like to consult someone as I do not know what I could expect.

Anyway right now I am really really happy and excited to be able to get back to Japan, I will visit more places and get to know new people. I look forward to this new experience and I am sure that, despite the initial difficulties, it will be a splendid semester 😉 I also will write everything, which will happen to me here on my blog and tell you about my upcoming adventures, I really look forward to writing more about this amazing country!

Meiji Shrine Park in Tokyo

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