Best Alternative To Cinque Terre – Part 1: Tellaro

As I could test last summer, Cinque Terre is increasing its fame all around the world, now not only in summer but throughout the year as well. I could spot tourism advertisements in many places I visited and it seems now Cinque Terre towns are often used as travel magazines’ cover.

Needless to say, Cinque Terre is not the only thing we have here, La Spezia’s Province hides many other less famous towns as picturesque as Cinque Terre. I will go explore them in my free time and introduce them to you all so that when you come here, you can go and have look yourself 😉


At the top of my list there is the lovely town of Tellaro. Where is Tellaro? Tellaro is located on the other side of the coast if compared to Cinque Terre, closer to Tuscany. It is a picturesque place perched on the rocks overlooking the sea with colorful houses…this description reminds you of Cinque Terre I guess 😉


Why Tellaro is so less known? Well, I have no idea but I guess the main fault lies in La Spezia’s Province’s lack of advertisement for this place. There are also no many ways to reach here because there is not a train station and bus service is insufficient. There are just a few buses per day coming to Tellaro.

Although everyone’s lack of interest towards this place, Tellaro is definitely worth a visit. It could retain its identity more than Cinque Terre as less tourists flowing in everyday and the prices, of course, are not expensive.

What To See:

Tellaro is not too big, it is just a small village and perfect for one day trip from La Spezia, Cinque Terre or Pisa. You can visit the whole town in less than one day but I think these kinds of places can be very entertaining. You have the sea, a beautiful panorama, tranquillity and a perfect sunset…what are you waiting for?

The Famous View Over The Town

The renewed view over the stone houses and the sea-consumed reddish church located on the top of the cliff overlooking the sea. Many photographers from my city always post photos of this place when the stormy sea makes the waves crash against the cliff creating a beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to witness such spectacle but the panorama was marvellous as well. The stone houses all near each other, as if they want to reach out to the sea, and the light of the church shining under the sunlight.

The Port

Just below the church you can find a very nice spot where to sit down and enjoy the sound of the sea. There is a small port with some cute and colorful small boats anchored there. On wintry sunny days many people from the city or nearby towns come here in order to enjoy some sunlight and tranquility.

I love sitting down and looking at the ships and sailboats in the distance, it makes me think of how wide our world is. From here you can also have a look at the colorful houses around, another typical feature of Ligurian villages. There is a very beautiful house built in the rock with a nice garden overlooking the sea…not bad to live there.


The Alleyways

Unmissable feature of Ligurian villages and towns are the picturesque narrow alleyways that twist through the houses.

They are my favourite spots to take photos of because they can tell us much about the place you are visiting, they are always well-hidden and most of the time only locals pass through those alleyways.

Not by chance Tellaro has been chosen to be part of the most beautiful villages of Italy: its ambiance, its beauty contribute to make this small village a beautiful place but slowly slowly it is losing all its inhabitants. If you come here in winter, you will realize that most of the shutters are closed because their residents will just come when the summer heat will appear again.

The Ambiance

What I like the most about Tellaro every time I visit there is the village’s ambiance. The tranquility that lingers around, the smell and breeze of the sea, the sun shining over the blue sea and the slow life that is lead in this small village nestled in the rocks.

How To Reach:

Reaching this place is the hardest thing to do if you do not own a car. There is a bus service that drives you here but the buses are not very frequent.

  • First of all, you must take the bus in La Spezia to Lerici (S or L)
  • Once in Lerici, you must take Tellaro bus.
  • The entire journey will last more than one hour.
  • If you need to know the timetable, check this website ATC Esercizio


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