Best Ways To Travel In Europe

Plane with Ryanair

The fastest and easiest way to travel around Europe is using the plane. Plane here is very cheap if you choose the right airline and the right booking timing. The cheapest and the most popular european airline is the Irish low cost company Ryanair.

You will never come across a European who has never heard of it. Now it is the hottest trend because it allowed many people to travel around without spending much. Since it is a low cost, there are some annoying rules to respect but the prices are really unbeatable. 

Some Rules:

On board you can bring a hand-luggage that weights no more than 9 kilos and a bag. If you have other bigger luggage, you have to pay 30-50 euros, depending on the season and the weight or size of the luggage. You also have to book for your own seats so if you are travelling with many people, I would suggest you to think about it even though normally you end up being together.

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If you want to book your own seat, it will cost more or less six euros. You can also buy the priority ticket that will allow you to skip the queue and enter before the others, attracting most of the hatred onto you ahah Another thing to remember (that I find quite annoying) is that if you get on the plane among the last ones, you will not find space in the cabin luggage above you and your luggage will be put far away from you or sometimes be on hold.

Ryanair Airports:

Furthermore, Ryanair airports are not located exactly in the city center when it comes to big cities like London, Paris or Barcelona. For instance Stansted airport is one hour away from London and you are required to pay for a shuttle to reach there. For other cities, like Pisa, the airport is very near and in Budapest it is the same airport used for the international flights.

Not only Ryanair:

Ryanair is not the only low cost company in Europe. If you do not find cheap tickets with Ryanair (which I doubt) or if it does not fly to the nearest airport to you, I could also suggest other airlines such as: Vueling, Eurowings (the former Germanwings), Wizzair (great for travelling in Eastern Europe), Easyjet, FlyBE, Meridiana and Airberlin.

Trains with Interrail Pass

I think the best way to travel Europe is by train because you can enjoy beautiful sceneries, especially near the Alps (like the Bernina train) and in eastern Europe. Nowadays it is also easier to use train to visit different European countries thanks to the lack of borders within EU. 

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Obviously every country has an independent train system but there is a pass that tourists can use if they are interested in travelling in more than one country in Europe and makes things much easier for you guys; you can avoid buying tickets everytime since you have everything stored in one pass. There are two kinds: Interrail pass, only for EU citizens, and Eurail pass, only for non-EU citzens.

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The price depends on how many days you decide to use it and on how many countries you want to visit. Some passes allow you to visit just one country, others two or three and there is also the Global Pass, which allows you to travel in 30 different European countries. For more info, I suggest you to have a look at the websites Interrail website and Eurail website.

Buses with Flixbus

Of course Europe has not just a very good train system but also bus connections between the major cities of the continent. Recently the German-owned bus company Flixbus is increasing its popularity all across Europe and reached even Italy where a bus system was almost absent. 

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Flixbus connects many cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Munich and so on. The prices can vary according to when you book: earlier it is, cheaper it gets. The only bad side is that by bus it takes double the normal time to reach a specific destination. For example from Milan to Munich by car it takes five hours but by bus 8 hours.

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The bus is very comfortable and is equipped with sockets, where you can charge your phone, and free WiFi for everyone. There is also a toilet but most of the time the bus stops on the way so that you do not have to use theirs because they are not too eager to clean it ahah there is also a baggage storage where you will leave your luggage if too big to fit inside and do not worry, the drivers are always kind and help you with it.

Not only Flixbus:

Moreover, every country has its own bus companies. For example in Italy, besides Flixbus, we have Eurolines and in Poland Polski bus. So have a small research and check which bus company is the best and the cheapest. 

Do you know other airlines or bus companies to add in my list? How do you usually travel throughout Europe? Let me know in the comments below 😉


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