Church And Beach: Vernazza

This article is part of the series about Cinque Terre and will be about Vernazza, the fourth of the five villages. Vernazza is my favourite after Corniglia and in summer I usually come here to enjoy the bars and the READ MORE


The Town Between Sea And Mountain: Riomaggiore

This is the article series about Cinque Terre that I will keep on writing for a while to provide you with better information about this area that is recently knowing a tourist boom. So, first of all, I must state READ MORE


The Village On The Cliff: Corniglia

Many tourists are invading Cinque Terre recently, they are writing a lot of articles about these places and posting innumerable photos on Instagram or Facebook showing the colorful town overlooking the sea. Everyone thinks it is like a paradise, that READ MORE


When The Night Shines

As you some of you already figured out, I am from a small town near Cinque Terre so for me it is very easy to reach these places, I usually spend here my summer bathing and enjoying the hot days READ MORE


Cinque Terre Tips

Okay, the time to speak about my birthplace came. I do not usually like writing about it because since I was born and and have been living here for my whole life, there is nothing so interesting for me, it READ MORE

A peaceful spring day on Ligurian coast

I am really happy to be able to write on my blog again after so long time of inactivity! I had many trips and I’m still trying to update my blog with all the adventures I had in these months READ MORE