World Doors

I wanted to write an article about doors from all around the world already since long time but I did not have enough places to feature until now. I am ready now, I want to write a different article from READ MORE

10 Things You Should Not Do In Italy

Do Not Ask For Pizza With Pineapple It might be normal for Americans or non-Italians to order a pizza with pineapple at the restaurant but for us it is a kind of blasphemy, like when you step inside a church READ MORE


10 Facts About Hong Kong

I know quite much about Hong Kongers and Hong Kong because my boyfriend comes from this supercity. When you have a foreign partner, it is inevitable to talk about their home country as you will have to face the diversity READ MORE


Ten Facts About Denmark

Denmark is a small european country located in the northern part of the continent and, along with Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland, make up the Scandinavia area. I was hosted by a Danish family two years ago for a whole READ MORE

Ten Facts About Germany

Germany is famous all around the world for being very efficient: people are hard working, everything is very clean and perfect, public transportion is heaven and for many tourists, it is also the land of fairytales, thanks to its colorful READ MORE

Ten Facts About Poland

Poland is quite an unexplored country of Europe, you do not find many tourists there and this could be considered as a positive aspect since there are still a lot of places to be discovered. The country was “closed” to the READ MORE