The Superb One: Genoa 

I guess that you do not find Genoa as a very recommended tourist destination nor online nor on tourist guide, it is often left out and not considered as the same level as Florence or Venice from a cultural point READ MORE


Love Me Hate Me: Florence Part II

Piazzale Michelangelo  This is the place I like the most in Florence, the view up there is simply wonderful! By looking at the city makes me try to imagine how the life was back then. The Piazzale, italian name for READ MORE


Love Me Hate Me: Florence

I am sure the most of you already read a lot of articles about Florence and maybe many of you even visited Florence personally once or even more times; the web is saturated with facts, articles, photos about Florence, it READ MORE


Hellish Public Transportation In Italy

Oh my god, am I really here writing this article?! I must tell you that I was a total zero when it came to public transportation something like 4 0r 5 years ago because I was used to travel by READ MORE


Art, Food And History In Modena

When the summer was already about to end and the hot was starting to disappear, we decided to have one day trip to Modena, located in the flat territory of Emilia-Romagna. You must know that in Italy the cities in READ MORE