Ten Facts About Poland

Poland is quite an unexplored country of Europe, you do not find many tourists there and this could be considered as a positive aspect since there are still a lot of places to be discovered. The country was “closed” to the READ MORE

My last days in Poland

Pałac w Wilanowie The Wilanow Palace is one of the attractions in Poland I liked the most but it is located on the outskirts and there are no metro stations nearby. I later discovered you can simply use a bus READ MORE

Exploring Eastern Europe: Poland – Part 2

Nowe Miasto This part of the city is called New Town because it originated in the XV century so it is newer than its older counterpart. Just like it happened to the old town also the new town was completely destroyed READ MORE


Exploring Eastern Europe: Poland – Part 1

I guess that when someone hears of Eastern Europe always thinks about Soviet Union, communism and a strong urban decandency but this part of Europe is not only this. I decided to visit Poland not for a specific reason but just because READ MORE