The great city of London in 3 days

In october my friends and my father and I organized a trip of 3 days in London, we wanted to stay there a little bit more but we had to attend the school so we opted for 3 days. I took the plane for the first time and I was very excited but also a bit afraid! When the plane took off I was so scared but once in the sky I calmed down and I remained impressed by the beautiful landscape that was in front of my eyes.


The trip lasted, more or less, 1 hour and 30 minutes and I really enojoyed it. However we did not have a good time in the airport because there was a long queue in order to be checked then in the frontiers. The UK is part of European Union but it did not join the Schengen and for this reason there are still frontiers, also for the people who live in the EU. After the check, we headed towards our bus, destination: LONDON!! We were so happy. We passed 1 hour on the bus from Stansted to London and we arrived, we were a bit confused. The city is sooo big and chaotic, and for people like us who have always lived in little towns was really difficult to orientate there but anyways we managed to find our hostel thanks to Londoners who helped us very much. They also used their phone’s satellite system to indicate us the right way.

This is underground station which was near our hostel, King’s Cross-St Pancras, we have always taken the metro here and we did not know that this was the place where there is the track 9 3/4….


When for the first time I saw king’s cross hotel, I was like: “oh my god in the sky, it’s so big! I cannot even look at it that I have to pay”! Actually I’m in love with this building, I took so many photos of it…

The first day we decided to go to the Thames by foot…damn!! The wrongest decision that I have made in my whole life so far. From the map it seemed to be not so far away from where we were, but in was not absolutely like this! We walked for 3 hours before arriving near the Thames although, at least, we saw the real essence of the city ahah

We finally reached the Thames and we saw the Big Ben. It seemed to be in a movie, we could not believe that we had the big ben in front of our eyes and yet now I cannot believe that I visited there! The official name of the clock tower is Great Bell, there are not realiable news about the origin of the name “Big Ben”: some thinks that it comes from the supervisor’s name of the Westminster’s works Sir Benjamin Hall; others say that it could derive from the name of the heavyweight’s champion Benjamin Caunt. The big ben is a part of the Palace of Westminster’s building, very beautiful itself as well. The Palace of Westminster was destroyed by a fire in 1834 and the works to rebuild it started been in 1840 and finished in 1870; it’s also a UNESCO world heritage site.

We also saw the Westminster Abbey, the most important anglican church in London after the St Paul’s cathedral. This church is the site of English kings’ coronations and a burial place of important people.

We were super tired so we returned back towards our hostel (other 3 hours of walking) but another problem came up: we did not find the way to the hostel and London was deserted, no one we could ask to. It was strange for a so big city like London to be empty but luckily we managed to find it and, even if we were half dead, we reached our room by crawling and as soon as we touched the bed, we fell asleep!!
The following day we went shopping in Harrods and Piccadilly street. We took the undergound in some minutes we arrive in front of Harrods. My god, my friend was so happy, she kissed and hugged me! I thought: WTF?! ahaha
I have never seen a mall big like this one, really!! I was impressed also by the rooms’ style, it seemed to be in the Ancient Egypt. The section that I liked the most was the one about the toys, very cool. The only problem was that the prices were unaffordable, also the smallest things cost much.

After haveing visited Harrods we headed towards Picadilly Circus. With the underground we were there in some minutes; I love underground :3 When we arrived at the square, I started to shout saying that it has always been my dream to see big screens hanging over the buildings ahaha We went down on the Piccadilly Street, it was sooo large!! My friends entered all the shops, they got crazy, they have bought half London ahaha My father and I also found Victoria’s Secret.

My friends were satisfied to have bought so much stuff and now it was my turn! I wanted to visit Tower Bridge very badly so we headed in its direction. There’s no undreground stations near the it so we had to stop near the London Bridge and then we went by foot until we reached it. It was very tiring and it seemed endless but it was worth it because we had a really nice glimpse of the river Thames. London is very weird because there’s a mixture of old and new and you can see it very clearly when you’re near the Thames…

Dulcis in fundus we visited Buckingham Palace, the place where royal family lives! We were all excited because we only saw it in the movies and never in reality! We took the metro but we had to walk, more or less, 20 minutes before reaching the royal palace. When we arrived, we attended the guard’s change and my friend shouted at one of the guards a bad Italian word ahaha Good that he did not know Italian…
My father took many photos of us in front of the Buckingham palace and then we sat there writing postcards for our relatives.

At the end of the day we were super super tired so we went to sleep immediately because we had to be prepared for the after, the last day in London for us. The day after we split up: my friends went shopping while me and my father went to Portobello, a road in London situated in the Notting Hill’s neighbour. It’s famous for its shops and for its antiquarium market that attracts many tourists. I really liked Portobello road, it seemed not to be in London but in somewhere else, in a city near the sea! I fell in love with the brightful colours of the houses.

Well after this break in Portobello Road, far away from the London city chaos, we returned back and visited Chinatown. It was me who wanted to visit it because I always see in the movies a Chinatown so I was curious to see how it looked like. I thought it was bigger but it was very nice the same. When we went out of the underground station, we saw that the ads were written not more in English but in Chinese.

The last thing that we had to see was St Paul’s Cathedral, the most important anglican church in London and it’s the biggest religious building after the Liverpool’s Cathedral. St Paul’s cathedral is considered the masterpiece of the architect Cristopher Wren. I remained impressed by that big dome and by the big garden around the church, it was all well curated.

ah I was about to forget we also visited Abbey Road and walked on the same street as Beatles, the dream of one of my friends 😉

abbey road
abbey road

I was a bit sad when I left London but I do not have regrets because I had a really good time there. Despite the lack of time, we succeeded in visiting the main monuments in London but still, I’d like to return there one day. If someone asked me what was my favourite thing in London, I would reply: the UNDERGROUND!! Fast, in time and never in late, my dream :,D


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