Love Me Hate Me: Florence

I am sure the most of you already read a lot of articles about Florence and maybe many of you even visited Florence personally once or even more times; the web is saturated with facts, articles, photos about Florence, it READ MORE


The Town Between Sea And Mountain: Riomaggiore

This is the article series about Cinque Terre that I will keep on writing for a while to provide you with better information about this area that is recently knowing a tourist boom. So, first of all, I must state READ MORE


Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow incredible, this is the second award I received this month! I’m really happy that my followers like my blog and my posts! I really want to thank everyone for liking and especially commenting on my articles: from the comments READ MORE

One day trip to Cannes

This April my cousin invited me to go with her to Cannes, a town in the south part of France, in the region called Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It was an organized one day trip with other people, also including a boat ride READ MORE