Strolling Around Amsterdam

First of all let me clear one thing: I did not come here for the weed, which makes this city famous worldwide, but just to observe the beautiful Dutch houses built on the water and the charming bridges the city READ MORE

Bruxelles Ma Belle – Part 2

5. Bourse de Bruxelles – Beurs van Brussel It is the main stock exchange in Belgium, founded in the 19th century by Napoleon. The building has a mixture of Neorenaissance and Second Empire styles and as outside ornaments some statues READ MORE

Bruxelles Ma Belle

Let’s start with saying that I went to Bruxelles on Christmas, just one month later the Paris terrorist attacks took place so I was terribly afraid! I had booked in October, when we still did not know that all of this READ MORE

The Historical Side of Tokyo

Of course, when we think of Tokyo, we imagine it as a big, bustling and modern city perfect for shopping and not as a historical city but I can assure that even in Tokyo, you can encounter ancient monuments and READ MORE

Never Give Up On Your Dreams….Tokyo Here I Come

Oh my god, how long I waited for this moment! I finally visited my dream country this september and it was awesome, an unforgettable experience! I would repeat it at any moment, it is really true that travel is the only READ MORE

Ferienjobber in Deutschland

Hello everyone, sorry for my long break but I had much to do in these months! I travelled a lot and I even worked for one month in the bavarian city of Bayreuth. Bayreuth Bayreuth is located in Oberfranken one READ MORE