Odawara – The Japan You Wouldn’t Expect

I learnt that when you are tired of the Tokyo busy city life, here in Japan you absolutely need no car and can just hop on the first train that you see and get off at the stop that attracted READ MORE

The Best Places To Visit For History Lovers In Budapest

I must confess I am a history lover so everytime I visit a place, I search for historically significant places where I can get to know more about the history of the place. I do not like that some events READ MORE


Extra Places To Visit In Berlin

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Castle and Onsen: Himeji And Banshu Ako

A destination I really advice is a beautiful rural village, the only small inhabited area I saw so far in Japan, called Banshu Ako. This lovely village is located just one hour away from Himeji, which is a much more READ MORE


Charming Austria

Et voila my article about Salzburg, one of the biggest and most important in term of history and culture city in Austria. It is located on the banks of Salzach River and surrounded by the Alps. It is very close READ MORE


Wunderbar Wien

Spending December in Vienna is great, the city is full of beautiful historical monuments and lovely Weihnachtsmärkte which are different from place to place and besides the typical Christmas ornament you can also find a variety of Viennese food, snacks READ MORE