Never Give Up On Your Dreams….Tokyo Here I Come

Oh my god, how long I waited for this moment! I finally visited my dream country this september and it was awesome, an unforgettable experience! I would repeat it at any moment, it is really true that travel is the only READ MORE

Exploring Eastern Europe: Poland – Part 2

Nowe Miasto This part of the city is called New Town because it originated in the XV century so it is newer than its older counterpart. Just like it happened to the old town also the new town was completely destroyed READ MORE

Real Ligurian experience: Boccadasse and carugi

My friend just moved to Genoa for the university and wanted me to pay a visit to her one day so that we could have given a look at Boccadasse, a lovely Ligurian town. It has been recently incorporated into Genoa’s READ MORE

One day trip to Cannes

This April my cousin invited me to go with her to Cannes, a town in the south part of France, in the region called Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It was an organized one day trip with other people, also including a boat ride READ MORE


Charming Austria

Et voila my article about Salzburg, one of the biggest and most important in term of history and culture city in Austria. It is located on the banks of Salzach River and surrounded by the Alps. It is very close READ MORE


Wunderbar Wien

Spending December in Vienna is great, the city is full of beautiful historical monuments and lovely Weihnachtsmärkte which are different from place to place and besides the typical Christmas ornament you can also find a variety of Viennese food, snacks READ MORE