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Fanling Trail: The Lost Forgotten Heritage Of Hong Kong

Given my location in Hong Kong – I was staying in Shatin– it was more accessible for me to go to those small villages in the far north, near the border with China. Unfortunately I did not make any visas READ MORE


Heavenly Buddha And The Charm Of Tai O 

This is the part of the trip I enjoyed the most: the Big Buddha and the tiny fishing village of Tai O, which is not so tiny, really stole my heart. The only bad thing about this place is that READ MORE


Chinese Markets And Shining Lights – The Best Of Hong Kong

So far I have just been speaking about less known places of Hong Kong like Shatin or Stanley, not often visited by tourists but now I will write about the craziest district of the whole of Hong Kong, that is READ MORE


Victoria Peak and Stanley

Hong kong is crazily huge and diverse, I did not expect it to have so many different landscapes and so much nature. At first when I heard of the name of this city, I just thought of myriad of skyscrapers, READ MORE


Shatin And Its Temples

Shatin – A Social Experiment During my stay in Hong Kong, as I have already mentioned in the previous article, I stayed at my boyfriend’s whose family kindly hosted me in their tiny house. They live in a residential area called READ MORE


Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks very much Small World, Smaller Girl, I really did not expect this prize *^* In these days I have been using WordPress less because I am always busy with my lessons but this nomination convinced me to write more articles READ MORE