Best Alternative To Cinque Terre – Part 1: Tellaro

As I could test last summer, Cinque Terre is increasing its fame all around the world, now not only in summer but throughout the year as well. I could spot tourism advertisements in many places I visited and it seems READ MORE

Best Time To Visit Cinque Terre

As I have already mentioned in my previous post Cinque Terre Tips, I am native to a small village five minutes away from Cinque Terre so I have basically grown up in these five small villages perched on the cliffs. READ MORE

10 Things You Should Not Do In Italy

Do Not Ask For Pizza With Pineapple It might be normal for Americans or non-Italians to order a pizza with pineapple at the restaurant but for us it is a kind of blasphemy, like when you step inside a church READ MORE


The Superb One: Genoa 

I guess that you do not find Genoa as a very recommended tourist destination nor online nor on tourist guide, it is often left out and not considered as the same level as Florence or Venice from a cultural point READ MORE


Love Me Hate Me: Florence Part II

Piazzale Michelangelo  This is the place I like the most in Florence, the view up there is simply wonderful! By looking at the city makes me try to imagine how the life was back then. The Piazzale, italian name for READ MORE


Love Me Hate Me: Florence

I am sure the most of you already read a lot of articles about Florence and maybe many of you even visited Florence personally once or even more times; the web is saturated with facts, articles, photos about Florence, it READ MORE