5 Interesting Places To Visit In Shinjuku

My Japan’s adventure has started to unravel as soon as I stepped into Shinjuku, the same very day I arrived in Japan from Italy, after one day and more of flight. Soon I will start my semester abroad in the READ MORE

World Doors

I wanted to write an article about doors from all around the world already since long time but I did not have enough places to feature until now. I am ready now, I want to write a different article from READ MORE

Semester in Japan

At the beginning of January I had applied for going to Japan and attending there one semester in order to improve my Japanese language skills and get to know better the country’s culture. This has always been the main reason READ MORE


Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow incredible, this is the second award I received this month! I’m really happy that my followers like my blog and my posts! I really want to thank everyone for liking and especially commenting on my articles: from the comments READ MORE


Ten Facts About Japan

Japan is famous all around the world for being very..mmhh…let’s say unique! Their culture compared to Western ones is like being on another world, but at the same time, it is also different from any other asian countries. Japanese are READ MORE

The Soundtrack Of My Travels

When I travel, I always listen to music and look outside of the window, this happens everywhere (on cars, on trains, on buses and on planes) and in every circumstances (expect once, when the plane was shaking so much that READ MORE