Dreaming Bernkastel 

Finally summer holidays, yesssshhh! This summer was very tough for me, I had many exams and much to study; I passed every exam except for one so I am quite satisfied for being my first year of university. My last exam READ MORE

Medieval Charm: Bruges

Belgium is not just Bruxelles and EU headquarter that now all Europe is learning how to hate for its laws and politics but Belgium is also a country with beautiful and ancient cities and the country of the best chocolate I READ MORE

Bruxelles Ma Belle – Part 2

5. Bourse de Bruxelles – Beurs van Brussel It is the main stock exchange in Belgium, founded in the 19th century by Napoleon. The building has a mixture of Neorenaissance and Second Empire styles and as outside ornaments some statues READ MORE

Oh My Osaka

Sad to say but my articles about Japan are coming to an end as I ran out of places I visited during my japanese trip xD This was a lifetime’s wish and I’m very grateful to my father and my family READ MORE

One day trip to Nara

In this article I will write about what places to visit on one day trip to Nara in order not to lose time and visit as many places as possible, exploiting the day at its fullest: Some information about Nara: READ MORE

What not to miss in Kyoto – Part 2

In this article I will keep writing about the places that must be absolutely visited if you will ever travel in Japan’s old capital: 3. Kinkakuji – 金閣寺 The Kinkakuji, meaning the “Golden Pavillion” in English, is a Zen temple whose two READ MORE